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India, Pakistan’s worst enemy, says our government.

America, Pakistan’s worst enemy, say our people and media.

Pakistan, Pakistan’s worst enemy, I say.

India is our enemy because she went to war with us, does not let us have Kashmir, supported East Pakistan in its freedom struggle, blames us for most of the acts of terrorism committed on her territory and also because our history textbooks say so.

America is our enemy because she pulls off drone strikes on our land, sends people like Raymond Davis and others like him to kill our people, conducted an operation within our perimeters without informing us, does not support us in times of war and also because our media tells us that they just are.

Every country in the world is bound to have foreign enemies, Pakistan isn’t unique on that. Every enemy tries their utmost to destabilize and destroy that country, America and India aren’t out of the world on that.

We Pakistanis fail to understand that we are our own worst enemies. This state that Pakistan is in is only and only because of you and me. Why, you ask me?

5 people become victim to target killing in Karachi, the act of a Pakistani.

A General declares martial law in the country, the act of a Pakistani.

A Shiite killed in Peshawar, the act of a Pakistani.

A Hindu temple mobbed and destroyed, the act of Pakistanis.

YOU are that murderer, YOU are that selfish general, YOU are that intolerant Muslim, YOU are that person who poked a pin in Iqbal’s dream and YOU are guilty of the assassination of Pakistan. Because YOU remained silent.

Silence may well be a weapon, only when you are mighty. Silence of the mute is the normal order of things.

They promised you roti, kapra, makaan. Did they give you that?

They promised you tabdeeli. Did they give you that?

They promised you the eradication of the demon that is load shedding in 6 months. Did they give you that?

Yet YOU fell for it, for every single bit of it. And voted these inhuman creatures into power.

They all talk long and loud about fool proof security, a stable economy, model administration, death of corruption, might of justice, lasting democracy, courageous foreign policies and the promised rights of minorities. Yet in the 35 years democracy has lived in this state, they are nowhere in sight.

Stop banking on prophecies about the future might of Pakistan, what value is that of if we forget our present for it? Live in now and strive for change, not that which comes with a tsunami or the symbol of a tiger or a ruler in London or a Superman in Ajrak. For these are meant only to blur visions.

Let us write our tale of glory in the books of history in an ink more glamorous, more courageous, more exclusive for what’s left of the world to see, to awe, to envy. Forget India, forgive America, but do either to yourself than consider yourself a being walking the face of this earth in the absence of a soul, a heart, a responsibility and an identity.


You hear that?


There it is again!

That whisper in the wind.

Listen close.

You can hear it now ‘cause now it ain’t no whisper it’s a cry of pain.

“On that eve my father may have lived had the ambulance not been late. But this time, this time if the ambulance is not on time then all will be lost. I, his legacy, will not last. And the only person I shall hold responsible is YOU.”


By: Fatima Arshad

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