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I have always been told that before coming to a conclusion about anything, it is important to consider all the information you have regarding it. Thus, after being a silent spectator for almost three weeks, I have decided to jot down my views on Azadi and Inqilab.

Both these sit-ins did include violence, as predicted, but have lasted longer than predicted (this is where I would mention the paid Inqilabis if I had time). The dharna did include mistakes on the part of the government ( most recently that of Choudhry Nisar) and threats by the opposition ( like those by Aitazaz Ehsan).

Before going on let me make it clear – I do like what Imran Khan did for Pakistan ON the field. With that said, let me also make my stand clear – I support Imran Khan ( though I will never, not even in my wildest nightmare say the same about Allama Tahir ul Qadri ). Imran Khan’s demands are fair, the election of May 2013 was rigged, just like all elections all over the world are. There is no such thing as “free and fair” elections. And because the election was rigged, Nawaz Sharif is not a legitimate leader, and should step down in favour of Imran Khan, who’s rule will lead to the army taking over – which is why I support Imran Khan.

Let me make my stand clearer, I support Imran Khan because he, very undemocratically, wants to restore democracy which will, like always, pave the way for dictatorship. Yes, I support dictatorship and I have my reasons.

One, Pakistan’s economic growth has always been high during dictatorship (why and how is highly debated).

Two, Pakistanis (not Pakistan) do not deserve democracy. Democracy is for those who know what democracy is, it is for those who know what treasures democracy can give them, it is for those who know how to respect democracy and be democratic. If this is how we will treat democracy then we better not have it. Have you heard the saying better to have and not need then to need and not have? Well, I say better to need and not have so that the its true value dawns upon us, so that we realize what we had and regret how and why we lost it. And anyways, pure democracy isn’t all that fair. There should always be elements of dictatorship even in a democracy. Had it not been for Operation Zarb e Azab, the army would’ve taken over days ago by getting Rahil Sharif murdered or exiled (because he doesn’t seem like the kind of person who would halt democracy given his heroic family background), appointing a new chief and then shoo-ing away Nawaz Sharif.

Okay, back to the dharnas. Being a student of Economics I fully understand what losses are incurred to an economy by such events. But does Imran Khan care the slightest bit about our economy? No. And yet PTI-ians believe he would make an amazing PM. Who would want a PM who says he will not repay the country’s debts? I mean seriously Sir, this is NOT a game of cricket, you do NOT just hit a six and become the hero. Oh and have any of you realized that this, in all actuality, is a “dushman ki sazish”?

Since the dharnas started, India has been killing more and more Pakistanis across the Line of Control. You know what they say, destabilize from the inside and then attack from the outside. Do you think it’s just a coincidence that Tahir ul Qadri appeared out of nowhere and became a self-proclaimed messiah? Just who the hell (excuse that) is Allama Tahir ul Qadri? For those of you that don’t know, the answer is – an American construction. I’m not one of those who believe everything is a “dushman ki sazish”, but this is true. Why do you think  Mr. Qadri met the Pope? To give him a piece of his Islamic mind? You think it’s just a coincidence that he has met with some of the most famous and powerful people and had hour long conversations with them?

You probably understand now what the whole drama is because I really don’t like talking about Allama Tahir ul Qadri. A person who has declared himself to have facial features similar to those of the Prophet Muhammad (May Peace Be Upon Him). So why waste time on a person who is not even worth a sentence?

For all of you meaningfully supporting Azadi and Inqilab, such revolutions are a thing of the past. You want change? You change yourself. That is the modern world’s most needed revolution. You are told you will remember these days as a long walk (rather dharna) towards freedom, but really you wont even mention these days and your part in it to your kids because the forthcoming results will bring you shame. May the Lord enlighten those walking blindly into the abyss that is destruction.  

By: Fatima Arshad  

Note:  Al-Rasub is not responsible for writer personal opinion.

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