“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.”

― Benjamin Franklin

We come across many circumstances in life. These circumstances might be pleasant or unpleasant encounters. They change our moods, feelings, emotions, thinking and emotional maturity level. As human beings, we are usually prone to making mistakes which, in one way or the other, prove to be great experiences for teaching life time lessons. Coping with a situation and handling an issue is an art which is neither an inborn talent nor it comes with age. It is learned through series of experiences. You cannot teach a youngster what is right for him and what is harmful. No matter what you say, they will learn it through personal experience.


Psychologically, human minds do not accept the experiences of others until or unless they experience things by themselves. Adults say, this is risky but I hold the point that learning through your own experience and observation is actually strong enough to influence your mind and leaves imprints on your memory. Apart from this, first hand learning enables a person to deal with the difficult situations that may arise in the history of his life. You never know what you will have to face in the future life. Your current and past experiences enable you not to repeat the mistakes that you already committed. You cannot just stay away from a thing if your parents or elder tell you to do so. Human beings are curious and adamant in nature. They want everything their own way.


Simply consider an example of Adam and Eve (A.S.). When they could not resist the attraction of a thing, how can elders expect their children or Youngers to obediently follow as they say? I mean when a Prophet, who is very dear to Allah Almighty is prone to make mistakes, how can normal man avoid it?


By: Aimon Malghani