LUCKNOW: Islamic leaders in the city have advised Muslim youth to live in the real world and not waste time on social networking sites as it was nothing but a virtual reality.

The leaders said this while answering the query of callers on a help line in Aishbagh Eidgah of Lucknow. Some of them in fact considered posting of one’s photos on social networking sites as ‘unIslamic’. Sunni cleric and shaher qazi Maulana Abul Irfan Miyan Mohammad Naim-ur-Rehman Firangi Mahli said that in virtual world, the relationships were unreal. Such interactions may lead to unwanted pain in future. He informed that their help line received more than 1000 queries regarding social networking.

Shia cleric maulana Saif Abbas stated that posting one’s photographs on social networking websites particularly by women was against shariat law. Shaher qazi added that it was fine to post one’s pictures for business purposes or for a good cause.

The two stated that women can show their face only to their fathers, brothers and husbands as per Islam and the tenet of purdah was violated through social networking sites.

source: times of india