A speech made by the Turkish Deputy Prime Minister urging women not to laugh in public in order to “preserve morality” has sparked a backlash on social media from women posting defiant selfies of themselves laughing at his remarks.

On Wednesday, Bülent Arınç was unrepentant over his speech and instead turned his attention to women who holiday without their husbands and “can’t wait to climb poles when they see one”.

The backlash began on Monday after Mr Arınç condemned the perceived moral corruption enveloping Turkey and called for women to be chaste by not laughing in public.

“[The woman] will know what is haram and not haram. She will not laugh in public. She will not be inviting in her attitudes and will protect her chastity” he said during his speech on morality.

Thousands of women across Turkey wasted no time in ridiculing the Deputy PM’s remarks by posting pictures of themselves laughing. Their photos were accompanied by the hashtags #kahkaha (laugh) and #direnkahkaha (resist, laugh)… see more

source: independent UK