One more episode has closed with the murder of Sabeen Mahmud.

Silenced people are killed by silenced murderer. One more liberal and vigorous lady became the target of innocent killer. Target killing became a profession in Karachi where innocent and other people are felled by gunfire, which has raised their voices for their rights and negate all blasphemy and controversial laws of our cruel government.

Sabeen Mahmud, lived in a city where people cannot take a breath openly but she has cavalier attitude to fear. She was template for other people to create similar public spaces in other areas of the city. Sabeen was a lady with that concept “When time will comes, the time will come”. She was a technology entrepreneur in life. Sabeen was a woman made of different stuff. She has created a minuscule postmodern hippie outpost, a safe haven for artists, musicians, writers, poets, activists, and thinkers and especially for those who wanted to leave this death city. She has great potential and has an astonishing velocity to motivate people for their rights.

She has created a community space T2F which became the city for concerts, readings, science courses, coffee drinking, art exhibitions, Pakistan’s first Civic Hackathon, and political activism. She took different civil society matters like minority rights, opposition to religious extremism into T2F.She took the religious fundamentalists and helped in solidarity with Pakistan’s Christian community after an attack on a church in Peshawar.

She hosted many people and the last one was the activist Mama Qadeer for discussion on “Un-silencing Balochistan”. After this interview she was fired by silence killer. Her death was the high-profile assassination attempts of women in Pakistan.

But where is justice? Is that the fate of every social activist or every liberal person in our society? We do not fight for the rights of that people, we just talk on them for 2-3 weeks but after that we forget them, their sufferers.

Being a human I advise to find sense in a life well lived than try to find the sense in a death because in Pakistan we cannot find real culprits because we are all victims/part of this impunity climate. In all these situations we should raise our voices against injustice, we cannot give more sacrifices for our rights.

By:  Arooj Fatima


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