What would you feel if you asked this “stupid question?” and all you
hear is a deafening silence.  A silence out of nowhere,  a silence
that only your heart  understands.  Could it mean,  you never did say
it lately or that you have taken your special someone for granted that
you failed,  I repeat,  you failed to say I LOVE YOU?  Love is sweet,
love is beautiful,  love is a gift only if you shared it with someone.
  Love is not love until you give it away.

I said “I LOVE YOU” but I did not hear it back.  I did not even see or
feel the love or even just hear the “I LOVE YOU TOO!”   Saying I love
you is music to one’s ear.  It is the sweetest words,  just three (3)
simple words yet it means so much to a heart full of love.  Yes,  when
you say I LOVE YOU,  you must be ready to hear it back or never at
all.  Would it matter if the someone you love,  loves you or not?
Will it give impact to your life or will it make a difference?  It

So many quotes about love … just to express one’s feeling.  Just to
let go of what you feel at a given time or moment.  There is nothing
wrong if you love someone,  and there is nothing wrong if the someone
you love does not love you at all.  What matters is there is LOVE
existing in your heart.  There is LOVE that inspires your being.
There is LOVE that makes you smile with no reason.  There is LOVE that
makes your world go round,  and round and round.


Author: Margie Gellor is a Writer, Public Speaker and Budding Photographer, she can be reached
at: http://thebuzzoflife.com/