by Nelia Vista

I am Human

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I am human.
I am a woman.
I have my own life.
And I stand with my rights.
Sometimes I am wrong.
But I tried to.make it right.
Seldom I get angry, but just to make things right.
No one is perfect and I admit that I am not.
People judged me but It doesn’t trouble me all day and night.
I am a failure but I don’t stop, instead I go on.
I am weak but my faith makes me.strong.
I looked back at my past that I’d surpassed. But not to be bitter but to make myself feel better.
I know I survived with pride and proud.
I know I’m just a woman.
But I can do a lot.
I welcome chances
I embrace changes.
I have trust with my choices.
And I believed that I can make my own destiny.
I am just a woman.
But I am strong.
I have flaws.
But I am kind.
Specially to those who’s worthy with my kindness.
I am just a woman.
But I can roar like a lion.
I kept silence when I needed to.
But I roar when I stand to what’s right.
I am just a woman.
I am visible and sometimes Invincible.
I don’t just give in or surrender without a fight.
I am just a woman.

I am just a woman but my heart is bloated with love
My love is unshakable.unbreakable unconditional.
I gave my heart to those who’s worthy to have it.
I am just a woman, what u see is what you get.
I don’t pretend to be who I’m not
I don’t give a damn if you will like or love me not.
Because believe me or not.
Woman can live life happily with just hope faith and love without a doubt in their heart.
“I am woman watch me grow
See me standing toe to toe.
As I spread my lovin’ arms across the land.”
I am just a woman
I am invincible
I am strong
I am woman…?

By:  Nelia Vista

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