Trapped in habit,
Always across time.
The joy of the mimic,
In the defining
Of nuances and flow.
A hemi-cycle beat.
The vague barking
Of lonely dogs.
The leader flying
The coop, headstrong
And endomorphic.
Light and clouds puffed.
The guests locked
Into day cabins
Absorbed in rudeness
And erotic fancy.
Pools of briny water
In septic gifting
Catch fire,
Underneath the arches.
The grail of organs
Jesting with themselves,
And releasing sleeplessness.
The sauna poems
Read with sunglasses.
The man of mortality
And food dreams,
Without intestinal solace.
The road dark and mythos.

Whereever the quarrel ends
The friend of space intervenes


About Poet:

Howard Roberts is a poet , writer and teacher based in USA, He can be reached at :,