It is often said that your talent is gift from GOD and what you do with your talent is your gift to GOD. That is exactly what Special Olympics team Pakistan did when they won 51 medals in Special Olympics Asia Pacific Games held in Australia.

Pakistan team’s coach, Ishrat Zehra, came out in the open to talk about the event and how the hard work has paid off. She said,

“The children were awarded for their hard work and now it is the responsibility of the government to support them.”


The games were being held in Newcastle, Australia, and after managing to showcase their talents in the previous Olympics, Pakistan decided to send their special sportsmen/women this year round as well. They had the opportunity to win 60 medals and they were able to win 51, out of which 23 are gold.


Often times we all underestimate our potential as human beings so now is the time to close your eyes and do some reflection. Are you really doing what you are supposed to do, are you utilizing your full potential for work? If not, then do it now. There is no such thing as impossible in the world. If you can dream it, so you can achieve it. If these wonderful Olympians can do it so why can’t you?


by: Yousuf Rafi