God has created human beings and formulated its nature in a very unique way. It is the part of our nature that we tend to seek pleasure and comfort in everything. This tendency of ours has led us to this modern era in which we have made our lives much easier and comfortable as compared to the lives of our ancestors. Human history has witnessed many eras of physical, mental and psychological stresses and it still strived to survive through all those years. The strength of human ideas and ambitions, and most importantly determination, paved the roads towards ultimate success and comfort of mankind.

The most important form of comfort is peace which, nowadays is under great stress and the ways to make out peace are continuously being sorted out and discussed. Peace might be at individual level and may extend to global level. Talking of individual level, when a person feels mentally disturbed, he tries to hurt himself or others and feels comfortable with it. By hurting oneself, a person actually reduces the anger and transfers mental pain to physical one. In this case, self-affliction may prove to be the highest form of comfort. This behavior is very common and natural among people who do not express their feelings, especially anger in front of others.

Some individuals, however, express the feelings of discomfort and anger by screaming, fighting as well as throwing things away that are within reach. Such individuals are less likely to harm themselves.

Coming to the global idea of peace, the nations of the world living in harmony create an air of peace and comfort. The situation these days depicts tension and discomfort where the superpowers are trying hard to subdue the under-developed nations by invading and attacking them. The hottest issue is the drone attacks on Pakistan territory where hundreds of innocent people die each day. This foreign interference has caused a sense of hatred not only for American government but also for Pakistani rulers. Global peace cannot be achieved until the individual nations do not get the respect they deserve in global community.

Nations must say good bye to wars and must devise a sustainably way of living and interacting with each other in order to bring about peace in the world. We must not inherit hatred and wars to our coming generations.


By:  Aimon Tanvir Malghani