I was going through a page about the people of Pakistan, admin posted photos of people from various parts of the country and their views. They were of different ages and professions. I seldom read captions with pictures but once I started to read it was really hard to ignore any of those pictures and captions.

There was a father working hard to educate his son. There is a brother who left his studies to support his family. There is a daughter working with her mother to earn more so that she can complete her education. There is a mother waiting for her son who was lost in a bomb blast. There is a picture of a pilot sent by a sister who has lost her brother during an attack at the airport. There are people who voluntarily help children to complete their education, help poor so that they can support their families. People are sacrificing for their family, friends, country and other countries as well but they have no regrets.

Children are not from the happiest and wealthiest families but their goals, dreams, determination and satisfaction overcame their physical appearance and wealth status. They are not from the richest class but they wanted to be the best. They are not from the happiest class but they want to spread smiles and share grief. They haven’t all the opportunities but their dreams are high. They want to be either a  doctor, engineer, teacher, musician, artist, speaker, politician, army officer, pilot, writer, leader or peace maker but none of them wants to be a terrorist. They are inspired by national heroes and their slogan is “Pakistan Zindabad”.

My people are not the richest but they are hard working. My people are not the happiest but they know how to be happy in this condition of fear. My people are symbols of hard work, unity, optimism, enthusiasm, valor, dignity, respect, sacrifice, fortitude, patience and peace. We have the best cricketers, best athletes, best singers, best doctors, best software engineers,  best scholars, best entertainers, best speakers, best universities, best poets, best writers, best researchers, best scientists,  and best human beings but we are not terrorists.

Being Muslims we are following a religion which gives the lesson of humanity. Islam is the religion of rules. The complete example of Islamic teachings and system is set by Muhammad (SAW).He is praised by non believers as well. He never forced anyone to follow his teachings but it was his superior behavior with people ,he took care of women, children, old and even crops during a war. How can a Muslim  kill thousands of human beings without any reason, terrorists are not Muslims. A strong believer of Islam and follower of Muhammad (SAW) can not commit a suicide attack for the sake of Islam. Islam is the religion of peace and ethics. Neither our religion nor our people allow anyone to be a terrorist. We all sacrifice to eradicate terrorism. No matter what other countries think of us, the most important thing is the unity between us.

“You must not lose faith in humanity. Humanity is an ocean; if a few drops of the ocean are dirty, the ocean does not become dirty” Mahatma Gandhi

By:  Aisha Mushtaq