They say never trust no one but yourself. But what about your parents? Your Husband, your wife your children your best friend your teacher the and many more?. Many things happen in our life that we are not in control, Changes comes so fast like a wind and when it does, you will definitely change what you believed what you know and what you planned and what you want to do in your life.

Nobody is perfect Yes that’s true. Either you are American, white or black Asians or Europeans rich or poor, gay or lesbian no one is perfect!! Not all people are the same we have our own character, different attitude but it does not mean that you cannot be trusted.

Trusting someone is like you are also trusting yourself for what you believed within you and in what you see in that person. Many people are also a great pretender but not all. Not everyone who is saying about God are need to be trusted. I’ve encountered many people like that, They are using God’s words to cheat or to trick people. All of us has our own belie, All I can say is there’s always someone out there deserve or worthy for your trust and vice versa. “You must have a full trust in yourself first before you can trust anyone”. Trust comes with respect love and care and understanding.

Spiritual non spiritual, God believer non believer if he/she is worthy for your trust or you feel it in your heart that they can be trusted why not!! Only you can see can feel can distinguished who can be trusted or not.

Have a happy day/night to all of us.


By: Nelia Vista