The world over has powerful markets with great business opportunities or business ventures that can yield profitable returns. Most often people never get to hear of these great markets till the early adopters have made their fortunes. These markets offer more than just good returns in the stock markets. They are governed by regulatory laws, brilliantly educated workforce, higher yields and greater returns for all those who invest there. These markets are spawning new entrepreneurs and acting as the platforms for newer innovations in science and technology to agriculture, tourism, stock markets, and even personalized services.


Tehran and the greater Iran is the newest frontier in global business hubs. Having just risen from years of sanctions, Tehran is taking its place as a powerhouse in the Middle East. Currently, business leaders from within the region and outside are rushing there to make use of the opening up markets. The city’s stock Exchange Market Index stands at (42.8%). The major companies rushing to Tehran cover the widest extent possible. These include telecommunications, mining, and retail banking. The mining industries are expected to have a tremendous amount of money. The market accessibility and well-developed transport sector will feed this new rise of Tehran as an internal business hub.


With a population of about 3.3 million Dubai which is the largest region in the greater UAE is an international hub servicing most of Africa, the Middle East, and Near East regions. The employment growth has stood at 4.7% thanks to a huge tourist and hospitality industry. Dubai is not just a regional hub it is a growing international business center that provides lots of opportunities for anyone seeking to start a business. Thanks to an ambitious diversification program Dubai has created such a stable business environment across dozens of industries. The services industry accounts for 70% of the region’s total GDP.


India has seen impressive growth in recent years. It has ranked as the 3rd largest startup ecosystem in the world. On average the country has about 150 venture capital firms and 100 accelerators. Besides these, the country also has about 200 active angel investors and more than 4200 high-performing startups. With a population of over 300 million of the 1 billion people having access to the internet, you have a pretty large market to work with. The great part about India is that the consumer spending is projected to hit 3.5 trillion dollars by 2020. Relying on efficient tools such as a business intelligence or BI dashboard to compute the needed stats and facts can help make the best investment decisions on which direction to head in this promising industry.


Macau is a small region with an estimated population of about half a million. It’s famous for its entertainment joint most notably the gambling scene. The region has experienced an 8.0% GDP growth with employment growth of about half that GDP growth. It has become the world’s gaming capital and has attracted global gaming giants like MGM, Wynn, and Sands. Macau would be a great place to invest in any business segments but most importantly in gaming and gambling tech systems. For such a small place Macau does command global attention.

Cote d’Ivoire

Many investors are wary of investing in Africa due to the string of bad news that often streams from there. However painting Africa with one long brush may blind lots of investors to the many opportunities in the continent. Countries like Cape Verde, Morocco, Kenya, South Africa, Ghana and Nigeria continent provide great places to invest in the continent. But none of these countries holds a candle to Ivory Coast or Cote d’Ivoire. The country elected a new development conscious president Alassane Outarra who has started implementing the drafted National Development Plans. The pan offers more than $15.4 billion worth investment opportunity through credits and grants.


By: Dennis Hung