Successful students show a positive attitude and intelligently behavior also. There are some characteristics of a successful students.

  1. They are responsible and active.

All successful students pay more attention toward their studies, they already know their responsibility toward the study and are very active in all these things. Participating students are more Dissertation Help prominent in the classroom as well as in teacher’s eyes, so automatically such students improve their marks without being too much study in home. On the other side students who are sleeping, behave inactive in the class has automatically effect their grades.

  1. They have educational goals.

All successful students must create their academic goals which they follow in whole educational life. So firstly ask such question to yourself like, what am I doing here? Is this place is essential for me? What are my goals related to that place? If you give sincerely answers of these questions you will be success in educational life. Also if your educational goals are actually yours, not other person copied, then you will struggle to achieve that.

  1. They ask questions.

Successful students ask question until the things and concept will not clear to them. Also you were there to ask question and it is your right to ask question related to topic. If you ask question then your teacher will focus on you and may be every time they ask you that your concept clear or not. So don’t shy to ask question. You were there to learn something new and for that you need to ask question whenever you stuck.

  1. They don’t sit in the back.

One of the most important thing that teachers like a front row students most because they learnt their lecture and pay more attention. All when student sit in the back they distract many thing during the learning process.Remember back seat is good for entertainment may be but worst for education and learning. The back bencher’s image in the eyes of professor was not good. If students do not want to learn in the class then why they are here? Just to waste the time and money of their parents.

  1. They take good notes.

A successful students always make their own notes during the lecture so that they learn in the future and if you have notes you can revise it and better understandable. Remember do not write unnecessary points in the notes only write important points so that do easily learn in the future. Also revise your notes after sometime so that things cannot mixed and overlap. Also if any student revise their educational material continuously then it do not need too much time in the study.

  1. They understand that actions affect learning.

Successful students also know that their behavior and Attitude affect their learning and feelings. Like you think that this lecture or thing is bore then you actually feel that and when you keep focus and concentrated to your teacher then you will thing this is easy lecture and interesting as well. Maintain notes, keep focus and ask question will directly affect your learning.

  1. They talk about what they’re learning.

An effective students know how they cope up with any situation and how they behave. They also know how to convey their message into words. Discussion with class mates and friend is a good way to improve the learning process. So for that you organized any group for study and sometime they learn from their class mates because that friend explain any topic much better than him. For learning improvement you can also teach your class mates this is another good way.

  1. They are good time managers.

Successful students do not delay anything. They manage their life very clear fully and they know if they control life then they are able to manage life. It is your choice,you will control time or be controlled by it. They make proper time table for everything that’s why they manage life effectively. They do not give any foolish excuse that why they not complete their work.

Asw explain above successful students are different from an average students from various way like from behavior and their attitude are main remarkable things.

The “A” Student – An Outstanding Student

ATTENDANCE: The attendance of the A grade students are perfect. Their education is the higher priority over other things.
PREPARATION:A grade students are always ready to take lecture and class. They submit assignment on time. They pay more attention in class.
CURIOSITY: A grade students always show interest during lecture in class. They even ask question when they do not understand properly. They share their own thoughts so that professor will explain him if he is wrong.
RETENTION: Agrade students have retaining minds and they are always make connection with past learning in the present. They have lots of stuff in the mind with past learning. They emphasis on understand a concepts not to memorizing the topic.
ATTITUDE: A grade students have a positive attitude. They have both characteristics a strong willpower and the self-controlwhich is necessary for success.
TALENT: A grade students are talented by birth. It has somedifferent intelligence. It may be creative, have good organizational skills and much more.
EFFORT: A grade students work hard to fulfill the requirement of an assignment.
RESULTS: A grade students score high marks on tests and exams.


by: Warren Zephaniah