Writing as an art:

Writing is an art and no matter how much the educational institutes pay attention to the fact that every person writes a lot and hence gets a great hold of the pen whenever they get it in their hands, but sadly not everybody can have the soul of Bacon or Shakespeare instilled into them. There are certain specific types of stories that a person can write; out of these an autobiography is something that is not that difficult to compose. It’s but a story about the person itself and is usually written to give the reader a small summary of what has transpired in the writer’s journey so far.

Writing an autobiography is by no means an easy task and people have written long and heavy books on this topic. They say that every story is in some way the writer’s tale about themselves, but it’s not necessarily that. A true story about yourself reveals a lot more about the life of the writer; let’s today, then discuss a few tips that could really make your life easier if you have to complete the task of writing an autobiography:

Tips and tricks:

  1. Brainstorm about ideas. You can’t just start writing an autobiography if you haven’t created an outline that signifies the flow that your plot will have. This is what makes it different from other stories; you need to have a purpose and you need to base the whole story around it. Don’t start abruptly.
  2. Choose the best parts of your life and mention only those. Don’t just go about mentioning everything that pops up into your mind because it will be a formally composed document for the reader and they don’t like you using slang and mentioning how you picked up your first prom date.
  3. End properly by summarizing all the points as the gist of your life’s struggles.
  4. Revise until you think you have got it right.


A perfect autobiography:

Even though these tricks are going to help you a lot if you are about to write an autobiography, still a perfect autobiography would be the one you write from the heart. Every person has a different tale to tell the whole world and that’s what makes every soul different from the other. So, if you are wondering how to start or are stuck on a part, just know that it’s your story and it needs to be exactly the way you want it to be.



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