The debate over whether “the dress” is blue/black or white/gold continues, but there’s real science behind why we see it differently. USA TODAY Network asked experts to explain what’s going on with the dress that mesmerized the Internet.

It’s all about perception

Everyone sees the world differently, and that includes how we interpret color.

“Color is our perception — our interpretation of the light that’s in the world,” says Arthur Shapiro, a professor at American University who specializes in visual perception.

“Individual wavelengths don’t have color, it’s how our brains interpret the wavelengths that create color,” he says. In the case of the dress, some of us interpret those wavelengths to be blue and black, and others interpret the wavelengths as white and gold.

“In reality, it’s light coming off of the computer screen, and then our brain interprets it and those interpretations can differ,” according to Shapiro… see more

source: usatoday