All the three attributes of educational technology should be considered carefully by the stakeholders in order to derive benefits from educational technology. As far as the notion or concept of educational technology is concerned, first of all this notion should be comprehended by the students or other people in a right manner. The educational technology can be defined as the process in which the technology is being applied or used for the sake of improving the overall level or extent of learning. These all kinds of educational technologies are helpful for students as they can increase the application of technology in performing and completing various academic tasks. At the same time they can make the process of learning interactive and informative for teachers as well.

The past scenario of educational technology also provided various tools and accessories that were helpful in enhancing the values or impacts of education a great deal. This scenario can be assumed by the help of evolvement of the computer system that really brought a change in the field of education. Therefore, the concept of educational technology was emerged in the past in which teachers started using the computers systems to make their teaching approaches effective and appealing for the students.

With the passage of time, the trends and approaches of education have been influenced greatly by the involvement of technology. As a result, this aspect should be taken into consideration that laptops, palmtops, podcasts, and other innovative tools have literally transformed the form and face of education. Therefore, considering these attributes there are various forms of changes expected in the future that shows positive signs and improvements in the field of education.

The online education that has become significant element of recent education scenario is the best example of educational technology. This is because of the reason that this phenomenon is possible just because of the efficient use of innovative tools and resources. Therefore, the recent trends of education will further change and transform its shapes and direction in the future. During the process of online education, the students can interact with the other students and teachers from any part or place of the world anytime. At the same time, the application of advanced tools and assumptions has made the process of online education powerful and influential.

Therefore, the future of educational technology is encouraging and motivating for both students and teachers as well. This future situation of educational technology could be perceived in the form of transformation that has been taken place in the area of the classroom. In recent times, the classrooms are being referred as learning environments where students are allowed different sorts of informative and innovative kinds of products. These kinds of products could be assumed in such a manner that mobile phones along with the tablets, podcasts and others will have a hug role to play in the future learning scenario.

There is strong likelihood that these situations will definitely be helpful in enhancing the quality of education in a great way. There is no point of denying this attribute that teacher and student will apply and use different kinds of educational apps in order to learn and teach different topics in the desired manner.  The future of education will be much more dependent on the effectiveness of different kinds of educational apps and resources.

Final Thoughts

The education is becoming more and more interactive and result oriented phenomenon because technology has become an integral part of this whole scenario. The importance of innovative tools and resources that have been developed after using the notions of technology should not be underestimated by all the stakeholders of education.  In the future or coming years the technology will keep bringing change and innovation that will be also influencing the approaches and methods of education and as a result, education will provide desired outcomes to the stakeholders of education.


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