Bananas are loved by all, children and adults. In addition to being tasty, you also have different choices available for consuming them, for example in the form of fruit salad, mashed form, muffins, bread recipes and sliced form. You can also freeze the bananas; in fact frozen bananas can be added to a smoothie in place of an ice-cream or a yogurt. So in addition to the delicious taste, there are many health benefits to consumption of bananas which are discussed below for your general information:


There are about 110 calories present in one banana. By eating a banana you can indulge into a sweet tooth without having to ruin your diet.

Fat and Cholesterol

Good thing about bananas is that they are fat and cholesterol free. This means that you can use them as an alternative to butter or oil for making cookies in a healthy way.


Bananas are also known for being the rich sources of potassium, having got over 400 mg potassium. According to nutritionists, potassium is essential for good nervous and muscle functions. In addition to that, it’s also good for maintaining healthy balance of fluids in the body. Furthermore, potassium in bananas helps in the prevention against muscle cramps.

Vitamin C

Just like other fruits, bananas are also a rich source of Vitamin C. You can get about 10 mg of vitamin c by eating one banana, which actually makes about 15% of your daily recommended amount. Vitamin C helps in making your immune system strong, as it improves the absorption of other nutrients when taken in groups, for example iron.

Vitamin B-6

As the vitamins B are found in animal products, you may be surprised to know that bananas are also an excellent source of vitamin B-6 which is also called pyridoxine. One banana contains about 35% of your daily B-6 requirement and B-6 is important for growing new cells.


Bananas are also a good source of magnesium, in addition to potassium and one banana on an average contains about 3 mg. Adults require about 1.8 to 2.3 mg of manganese daily. Just like potassium, manganese is vital for the health of bones and metabolism.


According to a research conducted by USDA, one banana has got about 3 g of fiber. Dietary fiber helps you to feel fuller for a long time and thus helps your digestive process to run smoothly.

Vitamins and Minerals

There are also a lot of vitamins and minerals that are present in small amounts in a banana. A banana is your source to iron, magnesium, phosphorus and calcium in addition to vitamin A and vitamin E, carotene and choline. There are also small amounts of amino acids present in a banana.


You may already know that bananas are a really good source of carbohydrates. You can always refill your energy by eating a banana after working out or after going through a physically demanding exercise. A banana in the breakfast will help you to spend your time easily without having to require anything till lunch.

Good for your Digestive System

Bananas are certainly the best food around for your stomach issues. This means that whether you are sick with a stomach disorder or suffering from some sort of virus, bananas will provide the necessary nutrient to your system without upsetting your stomach.  Mashed bananas are also used as a solid food option for infants, aged above 6-8 months.
So keep on consuming bananas to keep up with the healthy side of your life!



By: Muneeza Shahid