There is always that time of the year when you think and feel the whole world is against you.   You think that everything is topsy turvy or upside down.  That everything is blown out of proportion.  No matter how you try your best to remain positive,  it is there and gives you problems and heartaches  beyond your control.  Problems that affects your whole being,  state of mind and challenges your strength to carry on.  Belittles your feelings and emotions and makes you feel empty,  incomplete,  unwanted or unappreciated.  The feeling of being dumped upon and just left in a corner without taking into consideration your emotions.   Feelings are everywhere yet taken for
granted,  ignored and  left you  out of nowhere,  alone and lonely.

Sometimes you feel used and abused by people closer to you.  You give your time,   precious moment,  undivided attention.  You give your best self out of love and affection,  you give your all just to prove how much you care and love.  You give your trust and commitment only to find out you were never part of their lives.   So painful and makes you suffer and cry in silence,  like you never cried before. That feeling of emptiness and why the time of the year.  Why it happens during a certain month? It becomes a pattern,  a way of life, a deja vu over and over again.

In a relationship,  few months you feel the tons of love and care,  of being wanted,  needed and longed for.  While still on the process of enjoying the moment,  thinking how blessed and lucky you are, thinking that finally  someone  makes your life magical,  all of a sudden it disappears slowly and gently like a wind.  Slowly a realization came with a rush,  a bad dream,  a dream  now a reality. The passion,  the time,  the presence slowly changes along with the seconds,  minutes,  hours and days.  All of a sudden you realize you were all alone in an empty chair of withered roses.  Roses were gone and you only felt the thorns that hurts so much of you.  Thorns that slowly pricked your heart,  mind and soul.

Suddenly you realize people around are never meant to stay forever. They came with a purpose,  a reason and a lesson for a lifetime.  It depends upon your heart who could stay in your life.  It depends now on you  yet they opted to go, not even a sweet goodbye.  Just the lingering sound of silence,  a deafening silence.

Learn to let go of things and people,  let them move on without you, let them be what they want to be.  We have to admit that we desire for their own happiness even if it meant we are not included anymore or will never be a part of their happiness.

Love and life is a journey and a relationship.  What counts most is the journey not the destination.  To enjoy fully the present moment, here and now.  Accept and embrace it,  whether it gives pain or joy, love or hate,  tear or laughter.  Life is what we make it,  life is what we create  and if those people you love choose to leave, let it be,  let it flow like river Nile,  because no matter what you say or do,  if they really want to go, we could never stop them anymore.  No matter how we beg them to stay,  it’s their choice and decision.  It would be an exercise in futility  if we hold on and cling to them. You only end up hurt and frustrated.

Learn to let go of your feelings and emotions.  Learn to let go of people and things.  Embrace reality and individuality because life is just an empty dream,  empty without people we want to share or care. Let go of them,  the sooner the better to avoid the agony of letting go.




Author: Margie Gellor is a Writer, Public Speaker and Budding Photographer, she can be reached