Marx once said: “Neither a nation nor a woman is forgiven for an unguarded hour in which the first adventurer who comes along can sweep them off their feet and possess them”.

It is axiomatic that military has no political role in any democratic country. But in weak political systems like ours, military plays a significant role in affecting the political stability either positively or negatively. During civilian period in Pakistan, military cast its shadow over the society and the politics. .

Most eminent positive factor that remained prevalent during the overall twenty two years of the military rule in Pakistan is the sharp rise in the economic development. Military rulers focused on economy of the country and raised the standards of living by uplifting the economy. Second most important thing is the educational improvements on which the rulers especially Gen. Musharraf focused. These two basic things are the most significant in depicting the bright side of the military rule in Pakistan.

Some critics argue that Pakistan cannot survive if army is not taken out of the turbulent arena of political conflict. Pakistan cannot survive under military rule, with or without a civilian façade, because military rule lacks legitimacy and is an anachronism in a world of global markets, information and media.

Pakistan cannot survive under military rule because military rule symbolizes the hegemony of Punjab over the smaller federating units. Pakistan cannot survive under military rule because experience has amply demonstrated that military rule is a recipe for disaster. Army is the only shield we have against foreign aggression. Why involve it in politics? (Khan, 2004)

The continued corruption by the Civilian government while contributing to the disaffection the average Pakistani feels towards the government and provides just grounds for the military, which happens to be the only reliable and efficient organization in the country, to step in and take over the running of the country. If the civilian government aims at eliminating corruption and practice fair play, martial law will never be needed in Pakistan.


By: Aimon Malghani