Manama: A Saudi television presenter who was sacked allegedly for not looking beautiful enough to appear on screen is suing the station on charges of discrimination and non-respect of the contract.

The news presenter reportedly said that she had been offered the position by an Arab satellite channel and that she had been given a contract. However, when she reported for work at the station office in the Saudi capital Riyadh, she was shocked to hear from her boss that she could not appear on television, local daily Makkah reported on Wednesday.

The presenter, who was not identified, said that the director was rude to her, refused categorically to allow her on screen and abused her verbally, saying that her looks were not good enough.

She said that he gave her other options, but she refused to work as a secretary or as an assistant to the news team which would not appear on television. She added that the director sacked her even though the contract did not stipulate a three-month probation period that could give him the right to dismiss her, prompting her to file a case against the station over discriminatory sacking.
A court in Riyadh will now look into the case, the daily added.

source: gulfnews