A woman driver has been detained after racking up nearly Dhs1 million in UAE traffic fines, police have said.

The 28-year-old Arab housewife has been arrested after her name popped up in a sweep of unlicensed drivers.

Officers discovered she had amassed 1,551 offences – mainly speeding and Salik fines – across the Emirates in the past four years.

The whopping bill grew and grew as the driver failed to re-register her Nissan Altima or renew her driving licence, Ras Al Khaimah Police said. She was arrested last week in RAK and has been referred to the courts for legal action.

Traffic prosecutors said the fines totalled Dhs928,000 and had been accumulated between 2009 and 2013. They said it was the largest amount a woman driver had ever run up in the UAE. Zayed Ahmed, chief of RAK Traffic Prosecution, said: “The violations were discovered by coincidence when the traffic and patrols department was electronically searching for drivers with expired licences.”

He said the search flagged up the Nissan, which had the long list of violations registered against its plate on various UAE roads. The system also showed the owner had not renewed her licence since 2009.

Chief traffic prosecutor Ahmed added: “Violations totaling Dhs360,000 were found to have been committed on Ras Al Khaimah roads alone.”

RAK Police said they contacted the woman and summoned her and she denied having committed the offences. Traffic prosecution is now investigating the case after receiving a file from the police. Ahmed said the woman will be referred to the courts on a number of charges, including driving with an expired licence, failure to pay traffic fines and violating speed limits.

source: Yahoo news