“Naima tumhai chai mei ek chamach cheeni daal di hai pe lena warna tahndi ho jiaygi… Kya tumne apni maasi ke liay chai banai… to kya hua… woh sara din mehnat karti hai… meinne ek chai banadi to woh thora fresh ho jiaygi.”

It was just a 25sec tv commercial but it made an impact.

Yes Respect is common in other countries but we as Pakistani’s are blind folded with its meaning. Lack of Respect is so common in Pakistan that you can feel it everywhere. On the road, in a bus, in a office, in our homes. In fact lack of Respect is so much in our blood that we don’t think before speaking or acting what will our words cost to others?

Respecting others is core part of every religion but just like other sins we consider Respect as a multiple choice deed. Leave it and it won’t matter. But reality is respect means a lot. Respect to others doesn’t cost anything but if you do Respect people from heart it surely pays back in bountiful ways.

As they say what goes around comes around same is for Respect. If you Respect others world gives it back to you. And if you criticize others it will come back to you in one form or another.

In today’s world it’s not necessary to be different, just try to be good because being good now days is being different.

In old times Respect was a part of family value but these days Respect is like being stupid. Offer your seat in a bus to an elderly person and people consider you as stupid. On the roads slow down a bit to leave space for others and people start calling you mad. Being silent when elders talk is considered to be a disgraceful act but its form of Respect.

Even if we omit Respect from religion then also it is our responsibility as humans – act of humanity to Respect every single person in this world because everyone is unique and we need to respect this particular fact.


source:  Yousuf Rafi