Barbarian tribe Vikings (over flowing with territorial and blood lust) invaded and spreaded in various countries of Europe while killing and destroying cities they invaded, even Russian was named after them Rus—the man who row. These Vikings also came in North America some 500 years before Christopher Columbus. When some Viking king or tribe chief would die then one of his favourite mistress/concubine would get murdered barbarously and then both, Viking king/chief and slain women, were burnt—this special service of funeral was called Valhalla. Accounts of Vahalla were recorded by Ahmad Ibn Fadlan, a Muslim traveler and member of an embassy of the Abbasid Kalifah to the king of the Volga Bulgars. Later the barbarian Vikings, yet having intrinsic instinctive Viking barbarianism in their hearts, converted into Christianity from paganism in 8th century till 12 century. On 27 Nov 1095 Pope Urban II declared first crusade and most of Vikings who became Christians joined these crusades that lasted for 200 years causing 1 million deaths. These Vikings (who adopted Christianity) became knights and holy warriors so that their sins would be forgiven. The crusaders invaded Jerusalem (which under Muslim governance was a hub of education and enter-faith love bond) and filled streets of Jerusalem with human heads and other human organs i.e. hands, legs and etc. Blood was split in the name of God and the more non-Christian blood was split, the more sins were thought to be forgiven.

Declaration of crusade ignited series of violence against Jews as well who were considered non-believers as Muslims. Jews were attacked in France and Germany and this massacre is known as Pogroms of 1096 otherwise known as first holocaust. Jews were forced to convert into Christianity otherwise money was extorted from Jews and failing to both resulted into death—people killed their own childern rather than watching their childern getting brutally killed by Christians. Christians took it as a wonderful opportunity where Christians thought that why they should travel far away to persecute non-believers when non-believers were next-door neighbors to Christians.

Idea of bloodshed in the name of God and salvation could be seen in a Hollywood film, “The Season of Witch” 2011, where Nicolas Cage played role of a Christian knight, who fought for salvation and later got tired of bloodshed of innocents. In addition, British royal family shared direct linage of barbarian Vikings.

TTP, an outlawed terrorist organisation whose connections are considered to be with anti-Pakistan forces, is involved in killing more than 50,000 lives and causing trillions of USD economical loss to Pakistani economy. Terrorist fought against state of Pakistan and people of Pakistan for three reasons i.e.


1.     TTP fought against Pakistan for being an ally of the U.S.

2.     TTP fought against Pakistan for the promulgation of Shariah.

3.     TTP wanted to have control over Pakistan.


Syria was also a Muslim country ruled by a Muslim leader but the so-called Muslims known as the so-called Jihadists fought against Syrian government and wanted to de-stage Syrian ruler by force and in doing so—Syria suffered through bloodshed and annihilation.

In discipline of fighting against a Muslim state and causing annihilation, Quran strictly banned its followers from destabilization and annihilation of world. But destroyers and destabilizers justified their heinous acts through numerous logics (that also included Islamic references) while terming those heinous acts entirely Islamic—which in fact were not at all Islamic.


      “And when it is said to them, “Do not cause corruption (destruction and destabilization) on the earth,” they say, “We are but reformers.” Unquestionably, it is they who are the corrupters (destructors and    destabilizers), but they perceive [it] not.” The Noble Quran: 2.11-12


Islam strictly banned Muslims from killing innocents no matter Muslim or non-Muslim. These sick minded elements, which armed themselves against their own Muslim state/ruler/people/armed forces, later defined their criminal actions as of a reformer that fought against a Muslim state for two reasons i.e.


1:    The Muslim state was a friend of non-Muslim state/s.

2:    For the promulgation of Shariah Law.


These Kharooj or Khawarij or Khawarijis (Terrorists) then waged armed war against Muslim state and its residents. This act of Khawarij was entirely un-Islamic since Islam has forbidden from shedding blood of innocent (Muslim and non-Muslim), incombatant. In discipline of fighting against Muslim state, it will be very much wise to understand saying or Hadith of Holy prophet Muhammad PBUH, where he PBUH informed people that, a time will come when Muslim rulers will do bad deeds—a companion of Muhammad PBUH stood up and asked, should we fight them (against Muslims rulers) for their bad deeds? (Note: it is not about asking permissions for self-defence act of fight where a force e.g. Muslim or non-Muslim/domestic or international started killing people.) Prophet Muhammad PBUH replied,

“No” [1].

Quran, Islam, and Allah’s last Holy Prophet Muhammad PBUH did not allow Muslims to fight against Muslim ruler/state; therefore, no Khawarij (no matter what/how much logic/s he presented to justify his heinous act of spreading terrorism/fighting against Muslim state/killing innocent people) could ever be allowed to term his heinous act Islamic.

After seeing the Satanic barbarianism and sheer madness for blood of so-called Jihadists (who fought against Muslim states, killed innocent people and spreaded terrorism) one wondered that, the Vikings, in form of TTP and Al-Qaida, have returned with their superlative barbarianism and have launched crusades of terrorism against innocents. The modern Vikings, being fully equipped with barbarianism, used religion as their shield so to justify their terrorist activities. One further wondered that, as barbarians never thought about the evilness of their barbarianism, similarly TTP and Al-Qaida never gave any damn to Islamic orders in regard of maintaining peace, brotherhood, tolerance, and loyalty to the state. Un-Islamic practices of TTP and Al-Qaida revealed that, Dark Ages have once again begun where rationality, tolerance, humanity and etc have been swapped with terrorism, barbarianism and blood lust.

Ottoman Empire, started from Anatolia in 1299, expanded to Southeast Europe, Western Asia, and Africa. The secret of its success was economy, education, and good governance. Ottoman Empire introduced Millet System where Jews, Christians and etc had complete religious, political and economical authority and freedom until they paid their taxes. The state religion was Islam, laws of the Ottoman Empire comprised of Shariah for Muslims which did not apply on non-Muslims i.e. Jews and Christians. Jews and Christians had their own courts ran by Jews and Christians. In addition, there was no restriction over trade in respect of difference of religious belief. Both Muslims and non-Muslims were provided education, equal economical opportunities, justice, and security under Ottoman Empire. Thus, the Ottoman Empire expended itself as a political entity like other empires (but not as a religious empire since Ottoman Empire was consisted of both Muslim and non-Muslim subjects) did and provided safety and prosperity.

Radical Islamists and so-called Jihadists, who wanted to erase the name of every non-Muslim from the face of earth (even Muslims, who dared to defy radicalism, were not spared), wanted to have 360 degree view of their state/control over the world. The Radical Islamist believed that, modern world of multi-religion, multi-political system, multi-economical systems, and multi-ethnic setup was not compatible with Islam—only Islam and Muslims (of the same school of thought i.e. radicalists) were supposed to rule and to live in the world. How f*****g ridiculous it was that, Islam, which was thought to be universal religion/religion of nature, was incompatible with the very world where it came to promote peace, brotherhood, freedom, and education. If for the sake of argument, view point of radical Islamists is accepted for a moment then it meant that Islam was not at all a perfect and universal religion that endangered the world due to its incompatibility. If the view of radical Islamists is accepted then it meant that, Islam was an unhealthy commodity that needed to be banned forever and whosoever demanded Islam to be banned—was right. If Islam due to its incompatibility with world (as shown by radical Islamists view) was unable to establish peace and was proven unhygienic, then it has to be banned since no sub-standard commodity should ever be allowed to envenomate human society.

Through the Ottoman Empire and its legendry governing system (safety, prosperity, enter-faith peace, and justice for all) radical Islamists and their view point could be encountered. According to Radicalists, if Islam was incompatible with the world, then how Ottoman Empire, which started from a single city and had Sharia laws, turned into a great superpower that outclassed many powers for centuries? The success of Ottoman Empire provided irrefutable evidences that it was not Islam that malfunctioned, it were Muslims who wronged themselves, therefore it was not the Islam to be banned—it were foul Muslims that has to be banned for their very biological vice. Ottoman Empire and its climax proved that Islam has compatibility to be working superbly with Jewish, Christian, and Pagan world. Furthermore, no radical Muslim (so does any other community) had transfer deed of land from God, therefore, the world wasn’t a personal property of any individual or community that he would persecute opposite community.


By : Shahid Mehmood Khan


1: Hadith – Sahih Muslim 4569, Narrated Umm Salamah R.A