Many fresh students of college do not know about routine of higher education and therefore, they give into the temptations of others. Following are the most frequent challenges that haunt a freshman during the first year of college.

They become highly hopeful

Freshmen think that they can pass the subjects without doing the needed hard work and therefore, they do not take their education seriously. Non-serious approach towards education may compromise their academic performance and educational career as well. Students do not meet their expectations in the college and therefore, they develop depression that further undermines their academic future.

Trouble with Adjusting to Independent Living

Freshmen previously live with their parents. However, they move out of their homes to seek higher education. Moving to hostels pose serious and significant challenge for the students because they do not find new social environment very attractive. Their minds become scrambled due to stressfulness of the change in their lives.

Need to get back Home

Fresh students at college also experience an overwhelming urge to get back to their native home because they miss the company of the loved ones. However, they have to emotionally fight with themselves to continue their educational careers. Building trustable social relations is an important need for freshman who wants to sustain in a new atmosphere of college.

 Health Issues

You forego your dietary routine and you also do not exercise much in the college because of challenging educational routine. However, you realize negative effects of overeating later in the semester that cause your weight to increase tremendously. Additionally, your personality becomes less regulated that contributes towards social disorders. You should consider your health as a basic concern for yourself during college.

Instability of Relationships at College

You do not maintain a regular group of friends at college unlike your days in the high school and therefore, you should develop mental readiness to let go of your social associations as quickly as possible. You must remain open to new social possibilities when entering a new session. Your personality should evolve to incorporate new members in your life. Students should not bury themselves in the past and therefore, they ought to carry willingness to move on all the time.

Shortage of Sleep

Freshmen start to overwork physically and mentally that create fresh lot of problems for them. You should keep things simpler and you must target to cover each lecture and assignment within a week to provide yourself with sufficient rest. Discipline is the only source of satisfaction at college. You learn this fact eventually.

Maintain Long Distance Relation with your Parents

Students shy away from their elders during initial years at college. However, one should not distance him or her from the family. You experience emotional pain when you live without your parents. You should connect with your family on daily basis so that you can feel emotional stability. You also share your problems and achievements with your family to provide them the chance to be happy for you.


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