Ah, Japan. Just when I thought you couldn’t be any sillier, you throw me a gem like this. Apparently, Meiji University, a very well-known and well-respected educational institution is Japan, has announced that it will host a National Pokémon Summit next month.

To quote  the website of organizers Meiji University Pokémon Study Group (no, seriously), “National? Summit? What the heck is this all about?”


They go on to answer their own question by explaining that their event has not just been organized with the cooperation of various universities’ Pokémon fan groups, but also with the support of the Pokémon company, making it all official-like.

The summit will be held at Meiji’s Nakano Campus in Tokyo, with distant groups taking part via live feed as well. Development director for Pokémon game developer Game Freak Junichi Masuda will also be in attendance.

The event is still at the planning stage, but prospective themes to be covered at the summit include Pokémon’s influence on education, different playing styles between children and adults, Pokémon as communication tools, and Pokémon’s influence on society.

While it’s easy to poke (-émon?) fun, the organizer explains his goals with touching eloquence:
he enjoyment of Pokémon is not just in competition. There are other factors, like the great story and created world, the wonderful music, the appealing characters, collecting and swapping, contest and Pokémon Parley. I think people have various ways of enjoying Pokémon. If you asked 10 people, you would probably get 10 totally different answers about why they love Pokémon… So, in planning this event, I’m hoping to bring together university students across the whole country in a discussion of the multifaceted appeal of Pokémon.
Aw, Meiji University Pokémon Study Group, you must be using some of that “perverse psychology” on me because now I kind of want to go to this summit!

source: japandailypress