Freedom of speech is commendable but harmful propaganda under its banner is a crime. Pakistani media feels very trendy these days and considers itself a champion of all sorts of rights though it is lacking in patriotism and morality. Some newspapers, TV channels have anchors and journo working against the state and preaching sedition or enforcing Indian culture and religion on Pakistanis.  Geo leads in this category of yellow media, it is a subsidiary of the Jang group. Media house Jang and its employees are proudly anti Pakistan, and anti-army quite openly.

Geo TV follows a distinct India -friendly stance since its debut, giving colorful, entertaining content to get maximum viewership. Media of no country in the world bashes up its own army and intelligence agency the way Geo does, it is absolutely unheard of.  It’s pattern by intent is down-playing Pakistan, achievements by Pakistanis, or even ignoring martyrdom of the nation’s soldiers, which was not reported many times.

Geo anchors suffer from verbal diarrhea when it comes to the army , this and promoting an India friendly project Aman ki Asha is the signature of Geo. The unequal Aman ki Asha offering is the main factor of Geo’s identity, a cultural invasion of sorts in an attractive package. A kind of revision course of decadent Indian culture designed to entice Pakistanis to blend into India, as if Pakistan were a second-rate satellite of India.

This Aman ki Asha setup bears the RAW hallmark, it is how they begin reclaiming a country. Their interpretation of the Two Nation Theory is faulty on purpose, they will downplay national heroes, or if nothing else change the wording of important matters. Geo’s news anchor Mansoor Ali Khan once refused to call Indian terrorist, Sarabjit Singh a terrorist while invited on a BBC show.  It was astonishing that he insisted on calling a convicted terrorist a spy, then he explained it was according to the Geo policy.

Journalists Hamid Mir and Najam Sethi became famous as anchors from the Geo platform, they planted rumors and discredited Pakistan wherever they could, over the years making people feel disillusioned and depressed, as if the country was about to fall apart. Hamid Mir always blames Pakistan for having ill-treated Bengalis and deserving the creation of Bangladesh from East Pakistan. Likewise he blames Pakistan for disgruntled Baluchis, disgruntled TTP Taliban terrorists even though they are all proxies. If attacks happened in Mumbai, Geo journo knew it all happened because of Pakistan even if Indians blamed India.

These two anchors mainly played the part of promoting a false insurgency in Baluchistan, giving airtime to the TTP Taliban proxies, even bringing on air their spokesperson. No country allows terrorists on national television, but Geo is a liberal, broad-minded channel Too broadminded to be loyal to its own country, India next door is where their loyalties lie. Geo has become a platform for terrorist TTP as Geo and TTP are colleagues. They are constantly requested to give their views by Geo anchors as though they are a recognized force.  Any person with a negative view of Pakistan was instantly promoted by them. These journalists tried their best to bring RAW proxy outfits BLA and BRA into the limelight, an attempt to turn them into a freedom movement, all on RAW funding.

The incident which eventually clipped Geo’s wings was the attack on Hamid Mir, they tried to involve ISI and its chief, apparently Mir had proclaimed himself an ISI target shortly before he got attacked. Such hysteric accusations by media are unheard of in other countries, why should we allow these high-ratings freaks to play with Pakistan’s prestige. They have even been accused of promoting some political parties and mis-representing the rest, politicians that are RAW friendly get better and favorable projection. This talented troupe of anchors has even been nearly successful in causing a clash of institutions of state at times.  Some time ago Najam Sethi defended RAW, India’s intelligence agency, saying it never gets involved in anything outside its own country and all such allegations have no basis. Meanwhile he kept on criticizing ISI.

Many times evidence has been found that RAW runs TTP and BLA, recently Indian currency worth Rs.1 billion was found when clearing areas in military operation Zarb e Azb being carried out in Pakistan’s northern areas. Now on what grounds will Najam Sethi and his team defend RAW and Indian army?
What’s more, the Indian side seems to have paid TTP terrorists much more lavishly than they paid these journalists on sale.  Mir,Sethi and some other journalists have in effect ,been playing the role of guardians of Indian proxies, interests and business in Pakistan.

RAW itself has certain weaknesses, it seems to have no control over its retired operatives, mostly they go missing and are later discovered living abroad, or they write books to tell all.

A retired RAW spy R.K Yadav recently wrote a book by the name Mission R&AW, he has confessed to many deeds executed by RAW outside India such as the following intelligence feats. R&AW created the Mukti Bahini guerrilla force from 1 lakh Bangladeshi refugees in India and engineered the series of events which led to the formation of a new country, advantage was taken from the political crisis brewing between East and West Pakistan. R&AW paid Pakistani politicians as well, there is a special fund for all this kind of thing according to Yadav, Pakhtoon leader Wali Khan has been one of the beneficiaries, when he planned with RAW to make a new country out of Pakistan’s northern areas.

It is evident from Yadav’s confessions how RAW trains, funds and facilitates present day terrorist outfits like TTP , BRA and BLA. Journalists are bought, used to create chaos and an artificial aura of instability, then they are asked to quietly take the background exactly as it was done to break away East Pakistan, at that time some were silenced forever and some were re-settled in Europe etc. to remove them from the limelight once the work is over.  Pakistan Army was made a target of false accusations and lies helped by RAW paid journalists and writers.

Yadav’s book Mission R&AW has been helpful to Pakistan, by admitting RAW’s handiwork he has exposed their working and everything is as clear as daylight.

And in today’s Pakistan, the same role is played by Hamid Mir who has lost no chance to insult the Pakistan Army, he even went off to Bangladesh to receive a posthumous award from the Bangladesh government for his father who helped India too.  Could the attempt on Hamid Mir’s life have been planned by R&AW, seeing all these confessions from a RAW source ? Maybe RAW has derived maximum utility out of him and would like him to retire in the absolute sense.  Individuals such as Mir become trap-feed for an outfit like RAW, they are set up, then killed according to plan.

Rumors are generated under psy-ops planning on Pakistan’s television media nowadays, Pakistan has to keep a close watch on what TV channels are up to. Keeping the RAW pattern in mind, no media house is above suspicion.  Exactly how much freedom of expression is good, too much results in destruction and chaos. A code of conduct has to be prepared by Pakistan to ensure that the bureaucracy, army and judiciary are given due respect and conspiracies are not given an open field.

By: Sabena Siddiqi

Note: Al-Rasub is not responsible for writer personal opinion.