The resolve was to live together

In love, in peace and not asunder;

Come see terror in power and unity shoveled under,

But the way out is no one day wonder.

Our ladies, now maladies,

And our guys, now menaces;

Come see sibs for money plunder each other,

But the way out is no one day wonder.

No longer do we play open and close,
Reminiscence of the moonlight play we always chose;
Police and thieves is now the day’s order,
But the way out still is no one day wonder

Let there be visions, let leaders arise,
Let there be plans, let actions suffice to procure the prize;

If someday we will ever trounce this danger,

Bullets, battles, bruises, all must go and let’s make the world one day, wonder.



Written by Jacobs Adewale, a Poet, Mass Communicator, Journalist and Blogger.