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Life: Survey Report of a Mysterious Land

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She was crazy about her tour to hilly areas. She was going on a recreational tour after a prolonged wait. She was asking about the weather, paths, maps, clothes and people of the area. All she had listened about was the extreme beauty of mountains, lakes, greenery, rivers and weather fluctuations. She was going to enjoy each and every moment. She was going to hike in mountains, see caves, cross the river and cross the bridge upon the river. She came back after a week. A lot of beautiful scenes captured; flowing river and streams, a steep and risky hiking track, sudden rainfall, grazing animals, a narrow and dark cave and mud houses.

She was back and everyone was listening to her stories of the beautiful area. When she was talking about the beauty of the  flowing river, she forgot to mention the people who are victims of the  river’s wrath every year; children who drown in the river every year on a rainy day on their way to school.

She talked about the hiking track but she didn’t mention the women fetching water through this track many times a day. When she was talking about the bridge she forgot that the bridge had the capacity of passage of only one person at a time and it was the only connection across the river. When she talked about the mountains she completely forgot to tell how children go to school, how patients go to hospital, how they survive in extreme temperatures, how they get water for drinking and household purposes. She loved the moment when suddenly a cloud appeared and then rainfall, but again she didn’t think of the crops which were ripe and this rain was a sign of starvation. She was brave enough to stand before the cave for five minutes but what about the  people who are live nearby and every night they sleep in the fear of dangerous animals living inside the cave. She was extremely fascinated by the mud houses but she was unaware of the miserable conditions of residents during the rainy season. Children were beautiful but she could not read their eyes in which dreams of the future were dedicated to orthodox parents. She found people very helpful but she didn’t notice that they didn’t even have electricity. Men and women were working in fields side by side but she didn’t know that only men are allowed to go to school, colleges and universities.

This is how we see things. She was there for recreational purposes and she only saw things which were pleasant and festive. She neglected the deficiencies and difficulties of the people living there. She was concerned about her happiness and she forget the problems of others. If she had to live there for a survey she would find that people are so busy that they are not willing to fill a questionnaire, they can’t even read and write, their drinking water has impurities, women are deprived of many rights, they need a proper construction scheme, they need a school building, hospital does not have complete staff, their agricultural practices need improvement, river management is needed, bridge construction needs to  be done and there is a lack of weather prediction system.

Life is a beautiful tour to a beautiful land, if you spend it for your own happiness it remains just at our. There will be no difference between you and any other visitor as you saw the things which you already heard about. Make the journey of your life a survey report. Try to understand the hidden meanings of life and don’t believe the stories and observations of others because you have a different purpose. God has created you for a reason and you are assigned a different questionnaire. Think about things deeply as you have to present it before people and it isn’t merely a recreational tour but a whole survey report of your life.



By: Aisha Mushtaq

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