In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life: it goes on.

Robert Frost

Life is neither a fantasy nor a bed of roses.  Challenges may come on your path during the journey. There is no destiny on the road of life. We manage to reach a point and think that we have achieved what we had desired but never stay there but move on. Being stagnant means end of the life. It always ends in same way without any distinction. Death is the ultimate reality of life. Holy Qura’an says:

“Every being has to die”

Challenges and hardships are the part of life. Tensions may make your progress slow but they never prevent the time from passing or stop you lives from going on. Empires collapse, Civilizations disappear, Health deteriorates and bodies turn to ash, but life will always go on (MouloudBenzadi). No matter what, you have to keep moving, keeping your pace with the time and the world. If you don’t, you are dead.

Problems are a part of everybody’s life. There are, beyond any doubt, ups and downs that may lower our spirits. We may feel that we have lost the purpose of our lives. But this is not true; if in any case we lose the purpose, we have to go for the next one. We have to live the life. We have to stay because we don’t have the second option. Committing suicide is the act that most coward people do when they get disappointed.

When the pretty birds have flown,

And you feel hurt and alone,

Be strong and carry on,

And remember that life goes on.”



By: Aimon  Malghani