In my Life Beyond Degree post I emphasized that beyond Degree there other things in Life which are more important than Degree itself. Life is way beyond Degree and 9-5 job. Life is about making a difference and touching people.

In this post I would like to point out that Degree is not just a piece of paper. Back then I use to think that Degree is just our ticket to the market place. But now I realized that more important thing acquiring a Degree was person I have become while completing my Degree. It took four years to complete my bachelors and when people use to ask what you have learned in your bachelors I went blank. But now I realized after working in the market for 1 year (alhumdulilaah) now that Degree totally changed the way I look at problems in Life.

When I look at different problems from sales, marketing, and customer care department and as a Business Analyst ahumdulilaah I never fail to provide efficient solutions to many problems. Yes you might be saying that this is all crap but people don’t realize value of education until faced with real Life.

So important thing to take with you is Degree is not about fame, accolade, high position or high paid salary. Degree is about solving Life’s greatest problem without losing your integrity, sincerity and respect for others.

On your death bed you won’t regret the things you did but trust me you’ll regret the chances you’ve missed. So from now onwards try to add your uniqueness to this beautiful world. You are born to Succeed. Like late Steve Jobs said:

“Make a dent in the universe”

Touch people; make them feel special and most important of all with your Degree try to be a better human. Don’t compare yourself with others, just try to break your own records every single day.


By: Yousuf Rafi