You won’t find a lot more creative alibis for not going to work than what this Tokyo resident did. Initially the young woman, around 23 years old, was found lying on the floor of her Setagaya Ward apartment with her wrists and ankles tied up so that she was immobile. The police were then contacted and found her in her own apartment, after which she later admitted to tying herself up as an excuse to not go to work.

The young woman’s sister was the first to contact the landlord, as she began to worry because she hadn’t heard from her sister. On August 19, Monday, the landlord and police entered the young woman’s apartment at around 4 p.m. and found the her lying on the floor with her wrists and ankles bound. The woman was then taken to a hospital, as doctors said that she briefly lost consciousness. Unable to question the woman at that time, the police believed that she may have been tied up by a robber, although the police did not notice any signs of forced entry into her apartment.

The truth finally came out on Wednesday, as the police questioned the woman as she was released from the hospital. Investigators said that the young broke down and admitted she had staged the whole incident, tying herself up – although “how?” would be a good question here, too, as we’d really love to know. The police quoted her as saying, “I didn’t want to go to work,” which for her might be a perfectly good reason to tie herself up. Probably not knowing what to do with her, the police let her go after a strong reprimand.

source: japandailypress