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I do not think it would be wrong to say that Pakistan’s World Cup 2015 adventure seems to be going from bad to worse.

A lot was said before departure from Pakistan. Claims of victory were made loud and clear and evidently wrongly. Pakistan’s chances at the semi-finals seem ground low. It would be a surprise I we make it to that, but let me state clearly, if that does happen it will be purely because of luck – no skills or performances involved. With strong contenders like Australia, South Africa and New Zealand, Pakistan will have to work the hardest they’ve ever worked to have a chance at this Cup – or perhaps we’re just the same as India when it comes to playing on foreign pitches. But honestly, even India plays better than is on such pitches, but just so. Which of the two is the bigger loser abroad will be made clear on the 15th. Till then, it’s all talk. It Pakistan are to win that match, or any other for that matter, they must come to their senses.

Firstly, Pakistan needs to realize that a game plan changes during the course of the match. You don’t plan for a Ross Taylor 38* and go ahead with the same plan when the bloke has reached his 100. That’s just plain dumb. An inability to think on your feet.

Secondly, Pakistan need to throw away their lame strategy of trying to contain runs and not looking for a wicket – the main reason behind many of our losses. A run containing strategy hardly ever works when it comes to winning matches but a wicket taking one always does. If a team is just two down in the last five overs it doesn’t matter how hard you try to dry up the runs; you won’t succeed. The bowler will be taken on, shots will be hit – all because the team had eight more to come. Look for the wicket, not the slow scoring because that will come with the former.

Another thing Pakistan need to get right is their bowling line up. The fact that you’re having to rely on Harris Sohail as your fifth bowler should tell you enough about the trouble you’re in. having him as the fifth bowler would work if you had a consistent or even reliable batting line up, but since that isn’t the case such a plan is plain stupid. When you can’t rely on your batting go for a full bowling line up – have at least one strength. But honestly, off late, Pakistan hasn’t been the same in either of the three areas of the game.

Speaking of which it is about time Pakistan sew up the holes in their hands. What creature are you if you think you’re gonna win the World Cup without good fielding? How difficult is it to understand that catches win matches? Keep your eye on the ball, get under it, cup your hands and catch! What part of it was said in Spanish?

When you come back home, don’t give us those over repeated lame excuses of this didn’t click, that didn’t click, foreign pitches, different weather etcetera. If we wanted those excuses we’d watch previous matches, we don’t need a live telecast for that, thank you. It’s hardly anyone’s but Pakistan’s own fault that these conditions are alien to them. People have been screaming their heads off that yo go and play in different conditions as much as possible. But no, we’re gonna stick to what we’re comfortable with and when time comes to play on those pitches, we’ll simply revive those excuses, how’s that?

It pains those who care about the team to see them so helpless, co clumsy. It pains us to see them making no efforts, putting up no fights and not even trying. We hate ‘fixing’ too much to think that’s what might be happening. That’s one theory that we despise and wasn’t nothing to do with. But for how long can the heart overcome the mind? For how long can we push away that thought when inexplicable events unfold in front of us regularly? What other theory is there that the team is talentless and good for nothing? Well we all know that ain’t true. We do not ask for you to win every match you play, we ask only that you put up a fight in each one and that if you must go down it should be with glory. We don’t want to see scorecards of twos and threes off eighteen balls, we don’t want to see ninety three given away in ten overs, and we want to see a fight. We want to walk away from it knowing with every inch our existence that you tried and that you tried your best. Anything less than that is what’s unacceptable.  We’ve been through enough with you that you don’t keep promises but we’ve been through enough with you to know that you want glory just as much as we do.

So show yourselves working for it, striving for it, sweating for it, reaching for it. This World Cup makes it about the fight, the determination, and the courage. This World Cup we ask not you win, just that you show us what a good fight is like because when you master that, you master victory.


By:  Fatima Arshad

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