We were sitting on dining table and were waiting for the Iftar, everyone was praying silently someone was praying for a job, someone was praying for health, someone was praying for children, someone was praying for brilliant career, someone was praying for peace, someone was praying for family, someone was praying for friends, someone was praying for parents, someone was praying for siblings and all were praying. And then I watched the headline on television screen, double century of killing of Palestinians by Israel in Gaza. Everything was on stake.

I don’t know what type of insecurity they have from children less than fourteen who even don’t know the meaning of war, what type of insecurity they have from mothers bringing up their children in their homes, what type of insecurity they have from a common man. We can understand it when we watch Palestinians holding stones in their hands against a tank.  It is terrifying when a girl opens her eyes in hospital and came to know that she is the only one who survived out of eight members of her family. There isn’t any law allowing massacre of innocent people without any reason. Palestinians are fighting alone against cruelty and what we do is just praying. Neither any religion nor any law allows such violation and murder of humanity. More than four hundred Palestinians are killed and about twenty five hundred are injured in just twelve days. These are not just numbers; every number explains the innocence of a child, strength of a father, patience of a mother, tolerance of a brother and sacrifice of every single person. They know exact meaning of family, peace and sacrifice.

People abuse Israel, post pictures of injured ones, count killings by Israel and pray every day but I salute the courage of Palestinians living there under the shadow of missiles and explosions. With every Sehar and Iftar their miseries have increased. I can pray for the martyrs, I can pray for the injured but I cannot lessen the fear and pain of people living there. I am sorry; I can only write for Palestinians.


By:  Azhar Mushtaq