Sometimes strong people can be so weak too, When they open their eyes and heart into reality and found out that they’re living in a world full of lies and world of fantasies. Because we are only human we are capable to feel pain those random emotions that shows or we felt in every moment in every kind of events during our journey of life.

We cannot hide or we cannot stop it. There will always be a time that when we experienced it we cannot stop our tears to flows like a river unstoppable but after it flows you will feel great. They say crying lightens our burdens and lightens our heavy heart full of hurt anger and pain and it also cleanses your eyes to see clearly what is more there or what life is waiting to give Us in a surprise.  So whatever you are feeling right now or your eyes is still with tears.

Just take a deep breath say your prayers of gratitude and ask Him for more strength and peace light in your heart. He knows what you are feeling right now. He knows what you need, He can see you He is always with you. Feel his presence and trust Him with all your heart.  None is weak when God speaks and he say’s you  are strong you can do it you can carry it. God knows how strong we are how clever we are, how faithful we are to him. That’s why He put all his trust to us to gave us a Life to build to mold to handle and to care, So we must also put our trust in Him So say this with yourself right now at this very moment ‘I am my God’s Creation, I am strong not weak, I can do it, I will keep moving forward to follow the right pathway to reach the Goal of what fate planning for me. I can so I will!!

God Bless all of us


By: Nelia Vista
Writer is Poet, inspirational and quote writer based in Hong kong