While every person can tell a story about their life, the set of wheels an individual drives can represent the type of person they are and the lifestyle they live. We have to look at the fact that most people didn’t choose a random car by chance. Cars cost thousands of dollars, and they will normally choose a car that fits with who they feel they are as a person. Every person gets a choice on how much money they want to spend, and what their overall family situation might look like.


People who buy convertibles have reached a stage in their life where they just want to take life by the horns as much as they can. If people happen to notice you, great, but if not, you like the speed and fun a convertible gives you as you lower the hood. People who drive convertibles look free, and they appreciate some of the finer things life has to offer.

Muscle Cars

The people who love the muscle cars the most tend to be those individuals who love cars in general. They might even love to work on cars because they enjoy the more mechanical elements of a vehicle. People like this are likely to repair the car and possibly other cars from the comfort of their tool-ridden garage.

The Crossovers

Probably one of the harder personalities to peg, the crossover driver has seen popularity with drivers from all walks of life. However, caring mothers and families have been known to buy this type of vehicle. The budget-conscious and the tech-savvy have also been known to buy the crossover vehicles because they get better gas mileage than the SUVs on the road, and at the same time, they come loaded with sweet technology.


Minivans tend to go to the soccer moms. However, it has also become a popular choice among the people who live an active social life because they can pick up a crew and head to the restaurant without a problem. For those driving a minivan, they’re either the teenager who has to borrow the family vehicle, or they’re the moms who are just starting a family. The Kia Sedona has ranked high in the minivan segment.


Hybrids and electric cars used to have a stigma, and they were the butt-end of many jokes. People today have a more environmentally focused mindset, and they have taken more proactive measures in keeping the environment in good condition. What’s good about the hybrid is how it takes us a little further away from the dependence on oil.

Luxury Sedans

You love to be pampered, and you find nothing more refreshing than owning a vehicle that does these things for you. The regular sedan usually brings in the crowd known for their practicality, but the luxury sedan has all the safety and dependability that many drivers on the road are looking forward to. The Kia Cadenza is a great example of a luxury sedan where you might feel a magnetic pull. You can pull an average of 28 mpg, which is quite impressive for a vehicle.

Compact Truck

The individuals who drive trucks tend to be blue collar folks because they can put the truck bed to use with hauling things. For example, they might be finishing up on tasks around the home regularly. One example of this might be where a person rakes the leaves into a truck bed to drop them off at another location. Another time where trucks come in handy is when you want to haul lawn mower equipment or a four-wheeler.

Whatever you choose, you may not realize it, but more often than not, these vehicles will say something about your personality. Driving a car tends to be a statement about your personality. When you drive a vehicle, whether it be a truck, hybrid, luxury sedan, SUV or crossover, what you drive will have be making a statement.


by: Sia Hasan