Ever since we have entered the industrial age, there has been a recurrent fear that technology will lead to unemployment. Classical economists predicted that people would keep finding jobs even if it meant after displacement and painful adjustment. Two hundred years after the commencement of the industrial age the world has adapted well to technology and by all means, will continue to do so. Let us take a look at the ways technology has been impacting the job market, especially for recent college graduates.

Technology Has Created New Jobs

Whether you a fresh graduate or are on about to finish your degree, you know how valuable a college degree is.This year (and possibly the next few years as well) will see the best job market since 2007. More and more employers say that they are planning to hire recent college graduates.

The advent of technology has opened doors for so many jobs. While employers are keen on hiring across various educational backgrounds, some college majors stand out much more than the others. The most in-demand majors are business, computing, math and statistics, medicine, engineering technologies, social sciences, liberal arts, legal studies, etc. At the entry-level, college graduates today have more options to choose from as compared to college grads ten years ago.

Social Media Managers

A decade ago, most of us were not familiar with social media and its usage. Today social media has changed the way we connect with others, sales and marketing trends of companies, customer relationship management and how companies build their brands. Social media platforms integrate the fundamentals of business and the basics of internet usage and are offering a wide range of opportunities for people fresh out of college.

App Developers

App development shot to fame after smartphones and internet became widely and quickly accessible. From buying things online to booking a cab and ordering food, apps have made our lives easier. App development jobs are prevalent and pay well. These jobs are some of the most sought-after software engineering jobs for recently graduated college students.

User Experience (UX) Designer

We live in the digital age, but most people are not aware of the process involved in the development of these products. This is where a UX designer steps in. They ensure that the interaction between web products and users are as smooth as possible. This is one discipline which is still in infancy allowing people with different college majors to work in this field. For students to gain hands-on knowledge and experience before they choose a career in this field, a good idea could be to try out a UX bootcamp.

Technical Support Jobs

For these jobs, all you need is basic knowledge of the products involved and communication skills.  You will be put in direct contact with the customers and will receive and resolve the issues they face with your company’s products. According to 54 percent hiring managers, this is a great place to start your IT career as you can climb to product development roles gradually.

Business Analysts

Data analysis and advanced statistical analysis has become a hot job in the last few years and will continue to be. It requires people to solve problems by analyzing data or track the performance of systems through data. Recent college grads with any majors can opt for this job, all they require is some fundamental programming knowledge and an analytical bent of mind.

Network and System Administrators

This has been an excellent option for entry-level college grads for some years now. It requires you to manage, monitor and maintain computers across corporate networks and servers. 39 percent of hiring managers believe that this is a great place to kickstart your IT career.

Indeed, technology has created several new profiles in the field of healthcare, medicine, building and construction, education, management, banking and financial services among others. The job market looks more promising for people with a college degree.


by: Mikkie Mills