2014 was eventful. A year of learning, experiences, a lot of unexpected events – Moved to a new country, ended up being broke quite literally, new friends and a mixture of emotions.. Any which way looking at it, every single instance was an experience by itself and I shall always remain thankful to whatever It is.

Hello 2015 (1)

As we begin the new year I still haven’t formed resolutions, as such. I’ve never promised myself resolutions,  no specific reasons, I just din’t. However, this year I thought, instead of promising myself resolutions which I definitely will end up breaking, why not for a change, start doing whatever we want to? The new year is always a nice way to begin considering we are in the festive mood of celebration, happiness and mentally we’re all happy and open to new thoughts.

To start off 2015 on a positive note here’s what we could do – for personal benefits and the global community. Recently, I concluded a very insightful, exciting course< on Total Leadership by Prof. Stew Friedman on Coursera. My biggest take away from the course is from one of the video lectures in which he says – Success comes from small wins, the step-by-step method to success. It is very easy for us as human beings to overwhelm ourselves with the changes we want to make and end up not doing any of it. True?The easier way out – Set goals, define your values and align your actions to match your values. i.e., Once you know your values – personally, professionally, in the family & work front, form habits according to your ideologies and beliefs, whatever it may be. We, constantly go through this phase of “I want to make change – start reading, get home on time, strike a work life balance and similar ones” After all we are human and the truth is that error is a bundled package we equip ourselves with over time.  But, the beauty lies in us figuring it out and growing through this. That’s why you call it “Evolving”, it’s a continuous process!>

Good health
It’s the physical & mental body I’m talking about. Stuck in the daily chores, all we end up thinking about is work, eventually letting go of our health. All successful individuals, leaders and business men follow a dedicated schedule for work outs, be it even for 30mts. The way to achieve success is to learn from these leaders. Very often we end up focusing just on our physical self that we forget to focus on our thought patterns, beliefs and the mind. Take off time during the day to stabilize your mental body by reading, listening to music, mind relaxation techniques, exercising. Just do what makes you happy.

Books Books & Books
Let me be honest – I’ve never even had the thought of reading. Forget schooling & grades, I was never close to even looking at a book to read. But today, years later after being part of the working community and meeting some of the highly qualified individuals in the corporate world, one thing that strikes me hard as a rock is – The ones who read are a lot more knowledgeable, classier and can talk sense. In every single way I feel they’re one step ahead of the game. So, start reading!

Take time off for people – friends, family and community
In the era of all things digital, how much time do we take off for people? We conveniently put the blame on the digital age and caught up in the usual “routine” – Wake up, work, home, eat, sleep. Everyday? how long? Sounds boring? Well, it is. Take off time for your loved ones irrespective of someone doing it for you. You might be helping people longing for it & making a difference in their lives. Take that step and you’ll be surprised with the responses and reactions of people because you never know who needed it until you take the leap. The world needs more of human interaction and just being there makes a heap of difference. Especially, in the era of globalization that we live in.

The “Balance”
I’ve had the pleasure to work with folks who think the work-life balance is possible while some think it’s not. i definitely am with those who think it’s possible. While I agree success is relative, from my experience the “balanced” ones are a lot more whole, happier and more successful as a individuals. So, split time, balance the schedule based on what’s important to you and give time to – Work, family, society and self.

Meet new people. Make more friends
Professionally, you call it professional networking and personally you call it making friends. Either ways it’s the same thing you do – getting to know people. The difference being professionally you look at improving business or finding better opportunities. Try and increase the social capital, make new friends, get to know their culture and ideologies about different topics of interest. Learn new things, widen your perspective, and look for ways to be of help.

Fix Relationship Issues
Fix Relationship Issues (1)I’m not any relationship consultant or counselor. But, if there’s one thing most important to me, it’s relationships – always been my strength. The only place you share your emotions and the only source of support you receive when needed are relationships. So, if you’ve any unspoken issues or misunderstanding with someone who means to you, get it done immediately. Sit face to face or pick up your phone, talk, be open, convey what hurt you and your expectations. Let the person on the other side do it as well and have it sorted out. The one’s who take the step are the one’s happier and at peace, over time.

Make peace with your past
My life has been beautiful, thankfully but there might be certain past instances that flash in my mind that can upset me for that moment, that’s probably the unconscious mind making it’s presence occasionally. Though I’m still en route of finding the way to make peace with the past, according to me just accept whatever it is, forget, forgive and let go. I know it’s easily said but I guess time takes it’s shape and helps you. Make peace with the past so that your present and future is at peace.

Life is cool, after all.
Either things are under control or nothing is under control. However it is, I don’t think either should bother us because there’s nothing we can do. The world isn’t on our shoulders, so take it easy, take it cool. Make yourself happy by doing whatever you love – dance, laugh and do stupid things.

On that note – here’s wishing you a very exciting, successful, peaceful and an extremely happy new year! And, If you’ve ways to make life better starting this new year, feel free to let us know!

By:  Vaishnav Ramesh