The mills of God grind slowly but surely. Close friends  of the ruling party have run into trouble again, in pursuit of more they are gradually hitting terra firma. The ruling party’s good offices may have saved the owners of the Jang group, Pakistan’s largest media house owners from the recent Hamid Mir debacle, in which Geo TV channels were almost banned for good on the grounds of treasonous and blasphemous content. Police abroad are not as easy to handle as the ones on home ground is something Geo is learning to handle.

It is heard that the owner of Jang Group, Mir Shakil u Rehman is in hot soup these days. Dubai police has registered a criminal investigation case No. 1108/2014 against the owners of Jang/Geo Group, Mir Shakil ur Rehman and his son, Mir Ibrahim. It is being processed on the request of an upcoming Pakistani media group, BOL Network, on the basis of criminal defamation. In this regard, the Dubai police summoned the Mirs twice for interrogation.

When they didn’t show up after being called twice, the police officials went to their residence in the Emirates Hill area. After that, a rather shaky Mir Shakil was seen appearing in the Dubai Police station at Jebel Ali for the related police inquiry roughly around July 10 or so. If he is proven guilty, Mir Shakil ur Rehman and Mir Ibrahim look at about 5 to 10 years of imprisonment with damages as per the UAE  laws against defamation and subsequent deportation to land in Pakistan where already around 100 criminal cases are pending against them. Many vultures are lurking to grab the Mirs once they reach Pakistan.

This doesn’t seem far-fetched considering similar cases resulting in severe actions against the guilty in UAE. Mir Shakil u Rehman’s family is trying really hard to keep the lid tightly closed on this Pandora box and keep this news from spreading in the Pakistani media industry, but this news is already circling among top media officials. Some top executives in Geo management are said to be looking for alternate options and escape from being further associated with Jang media house and the Mirs.

Mir Shakil u Rehman is trying hard to get out of this fix by requesting his Indian business associates to put pressure on Dubai prosecutors and kill the case but the case is still thriving. It is not easy to divert the Dubai Police once they are on to something suspicious. It is not like Pakistan where a few phone calls suffice to kill such a complaint. This could actually turn out to be Mir Shakil’s worst nightmare. He considered Dubai a safe haven up till now, now the long hands of the law have gripped him there as well.

Pakistan should consider banning Jang and Geo network also to show solidarity with the Palestinians. They are bent on mis-representing Hamas and the entire Palestinian cause as they are pro -Indian and Israeli lobby. Limited footage is shown of the massacre taking place in Gaza and Hamas is being shown in a negative light with intent. It could spoil Pakistan’s image and reputation notwithstanding the fact that it does not even recognize Israel and nor does it have any diplomatic relations with them.

On the other hand, Pakistan recognizes Palestine and there is a Palestinian embassy here, Geo must be banned immediately. It always negates Pakistan’s foreign policy and even shows the Pakistan army as some kind of adversary. While the whole world is blaming Israel. Geo is blaming Pakistan and Palestinians. Geo owners can never be on the right side of things, it seems.

By: Sabena Siddiqi

Note:  Al-Rasub is not responsible for writer personal Opinion.