One of the issues under great debate, discussion and criticism in Pakistan is the American intervention in our internal matters and their reaction, especially the drone attacks. These attacks are the cause of death of many innocent citizens including women and children. America holds the point that it is committing these acts for the security of Pakistan and ultimately for the security and peace of the world. It is of the view that Taliban are dwelling in some areas of Pakistan which are of ultimate threat for the world. Drone attacks within the boundaries of Pakistan are against the Taliban forces. The areas where drones hit are considered to be the major hubs of Taliban forces.

But this is a matter of our national security. Our government should take some solid incentives in order to avoid terrorism and acts of terrorism in the country. Our security agencies must assist government in implementing the strategies being suggested. There is no point of foreign intervention in all this stuff. Such intervention is considered to be equivalent to challenging the integrity and sovereignty of a respectable nation.

But are we considered a respectable nation? A nation whose rulers bow to the superpowers for personal interests can never get a respectable place among other nations. Keeping this debate aside, the question here is that what can be the interests of US in Pakistan? They are as clear as water; Pakistan has a unique place on the map of the world and is a trade route to many Central Asians countries, it has ports of warm water which are excellent route of transportation through water throughout the year, and most importantly our country is rich in untouched natural resources of great worth. These drones are actually the first step towards the drainage of valuables from Pakistan.

There might be some other interests of US, but a common man can understand only these. Now, what can be the interests of our so called leaders in these drone attacks? That’s much simple; obviously the aid they get from the superpower which adds up to their bank balance and properties.

There is nothing which is capable enough to change the fate of Pakistan except for the people themselves. A country demands nothing more than loyalty and sincerity which is actually rare among Pakistani nation. They need to understand the worth of sovereignty of a nation. But it is human nature that unless they do not get a fall or jerk, they cannot value it.


By: Aimon Tanvir Malghani