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Why do people fall in love? Does unconditional love exist? Does love of humans gratify our inner soul? Why do people aver to love at first sight? Why do we like certain people and hate others? Does love with imperfect humans leads to disappointment?

Humans fritter almost entire span of their lives craving for true love, searching for it and talking about it. Love is a beautiful expression of feelings which can be felt more and should be less carelessly expressed. It seems to be a beautiful intricate mystery which we find hard to elucidate. Humans always yearn to be with someone who loves them unconditionally .It is in their nature to be with someone whom they love and share every beautiful jiffy of their life with them.

But in world, full of mundane people unconditional love rarely exists. Unconditional love is to be with someone or to love someone because of his/her character, individuality, to see the beauty of his/her inner soul and love the way he/she is. While people habitually fall in love with someone because of their desire to compensate for their un-met needs, physical appearance, lust of flesh, assets, money and many other reasons. In doing so, most of people set them up for disappointment and disillusionment because they start expecting everything perfect and too much attention from others.

The human love is just an illusion in the desert of life .Most of the people chase after this illusionary love and hence it becomes their lifelong obsession without any destination. This love that they are seeking in the creation is just like desiderium, an ardent desire or longing which can be found nowhere except in ALLAH, the most sincere, the most elevated and most exalted kind of love is certainly the love of our creator(ALLAH) whom  hearts were created to love and adore. The only love which never left us alone, never leads to disappointment and truly satisfies the quench of true love.

Unfortunately, the world we are living in has forgotten the essence of love. We are only taught that love is only between opposite gender which ends with marriage, just like every princess or fairy tale ends with happy ending. Most of us spend our whole life chasing to reach that happy ending or place of our dreams where everything will work flawlessly. This deep love and perfection can never be found in imperfect humans. No matter how much we aver to care or love someone we will at some point hurt that person intentionally or unintentionally. If a particular human becomes our ultimate focus in life then he will surely become our greatest test until we eradicate that person from our heart where only ALLAH should be. That is the liberation of the self from servitude to any created thing. And that is freedom. That is happiness. That is love.

“Stop the flow of your words, open the window of your heart and let the spirit speak”. (Rumi)


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