I had a subject of Environmental profile of Pakistan in my course last semester. There was a topic named “The Qualities of People of Pakistan”. Under this main heading there was a most important point “tolerance”. It was stated that Pakistan is a land of people of great diversity. People of various religions live here and are free to act according to their religion. Sectorial differences among the religion are common but every sect respects the ideas and traditions of the other. People living in harmony and peace basically constitute Pakistani Nation.

Bullshit! Better tell all this to some blind and deaf person who is also impaired of thinking.

The incident that happened “Youm-e-Aashoora” depicts the so called tolerance of the people. How can Muslims be so cruel to burn a mosque which is analogous to the house of God and which contained the manuscripts of Qura’n? This is not Islam neither it is an Islamic culture. This is what we call the brutality of intolerance; intolerance of a person for another, and of a sect for the other.

If this is the tolerance of the nation, then shame on this nation and shame on such a standard of tolerance.

We read in books that we are great nation, we are brave, we are tolerant, we are brilliant and blah, and become quite happy at that. They reality is, we are nothing. All such material written on books is merely deceptive. Why do you believe that without getting it authenticated? Now the question arises, from where can you get authentication? The answer is simple; look around your-selves for facts. You see; when you scold a person, he slaps along-with scolding back, when you slap him, he slaps you double while scolding. When at this small level, individuals cannot tolerate, how canyou expect them to tolerate at community level?

This is the lack of tolerance that causes all the mess around and it is needed to build up a fine level of tolerance on individual level in order to build an air of peace.


By: Aimon Malghani