The question of writing a CV is trickier than writing a resume. This is because the format alters depending upon the kind of designation you are giving the application for, where your location is and what you must incorporate in your CV. Here are some advices on how you can write an attractive CV and format it as per your demands.

Write only the correct information: When you are formulating your CV, then you have to inculcate all the correct information in it because the hiring manager will judge by it in the first glance as to why you are a suitable candidate for a particular job.


Initiate your CV by a perfect template: A number of the curriculum vitae templates are presented on the web, but you have to be careful with their selection and judge that which ones are perfect to use for your CV creation. These can be subdivided into basic CVs, job-specific CVs and career specific CVs.


Formulate a customized CV: Although, it will take more time to create a customized CV, but it’s worth can never be ignored, especially if you are thinking to apply for positions that are according to your skills and past experiences, then you must go for this type of CV.


Attach a cover letter with your CV: It is not enough to give your CV alone when you are applying for a job, in fact a cover letter must be attached with the CV so as to give detailed information about why you must be considered for the job and your interest in a particular firm.


Formulation of a CV for academia: When you are applying for a position in the academia, it must include the previous research experience and your publications, the grants and the fellowships which you have received along with the professional associations and the licenses. You can write about the awards and other related info which could help you to make the most suitable candidate for the job.


Formulation of a European Style CV: The CV written in Europe is similar to the US, but the difference is in the style of writing the personal information, which is different for the European applicants.


It is not mandatory to use the curriculum vitae for every job. There are certain limitations to the usage of CV and it cannot be used everywhere. Mainly it is used when you are applying for the academic positions, educational jobs, scientific or research designations. It can also be used when you want to apply for the fellowships or associated grants. It is more appropriate if you review one or two samples of CVs prior to writing it on your own, so that you present the best of you in the best possible manner. Remember, a CV is the first and the foremost document which the employer will have in their hand before meeting you in person. So, it must be highly appropriate because it is actually the ‘virtual you’ who is presented in the CV!



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