“Children are the living messages we send to a time we will not see” John W. Whitehead

When the use of internet was not common among children, they used to play games like cricket, badminton and football, they were more active and healthy. Even the simplest game hide and seek also kept children physically active, they were stronger, these healthy activities not only made them physically stronger but also mentally quick. Children had teams in their colonies and games turned into their memories. They used to study together, their interaction in parks and playing fields led them to the unbreakable relation of friendship. They were captain of their teams. Birthday gifts were a coloring book, story book, color pencils, diaries, bat, footballs, rackets and beautiful creative cards. Children used to decorate their homes and streets with flags. Elders had time to share history and tell stories. They were creative.

Children nowadays are very active and can beat their elders in online games, they can type faster, they can use internet more quickly as compared to their parents, and they know how to upload, download and play without any help. Parents are happy that their children can spend time without them happily. They are happy with gadgets like mobile, laptops and video games. Birthday gifts are replaced by tab, ipod and play station. Groups and pages are their friendship circle, and they are the admin ,parents can enjoy their lives and social circle.  Birthday wishes are on a Facebook timeline rather than birthday cards. They just change a cover photo and celebrate Independence Day and all special occasions. Now memories are deleted with inbox and deactivated facebook account. They reset their mobile and memories vanish.

Now children have relationships on facebook. They interact with facebook messages, photo tags and status updates. They don’t have time to share problems with their parents and family but they are in a relationship with strangers. They dodge their parents and trust an unknown person. They feel happy, sad, angry and broken but only facebook knows.

Outcome of this progress in internet is the aggressive behaviors of children. They act arrogant and rude. They don’t know about relations and friendship.  Parents complain about carelessness and ignorance but they forgot the gifts and gadgets.

Facilities and inventions are never wrong but it depends upon how we use them. Give your children liberty but keep an eye on them. Internet helps us for information, knowledge and communication with world but other side is the darkest.

“Our social tools are not an improvement to modern society; they are a challenge to it”


By:  Aisha Mushtaq