It is very unfortunate that we live in a society that is so clearly hypocrite. Pakistan is the country that is said to be a country in which religious hypocrisy is most prevalent. This social evil is a thing that is taught us from the very childhood. Mother strictly says to behave well and don’t do anything of your instincts in front of some guests. This is from where it gets into our bones. In this article I’ll just focus on religious hypocrisy as we are a thousand times told that we live in Islamic Republic of Pakistan and we are the followers of Prophet Muhammad (P.BU.H).

According to google reports, Pakistan ranks number 1 to google about sex of all kinds. (,  Living socially, people pretend themselves to be pious and tell others proudly about the knowledge they have about Islam. Keeping in view the social behaviors, this report is truly shocking. In a country where women are killed for doing things and can be killed even for not doing anything, this is the level of frustration of people. The things may go worse with time.

It is horrendous to see such news that depicts the frustration that has piled up. Fine; if you are a gay then be a gay, if you search about sex then do it. Why then you pretend to follow Islam and try to look like a good Muslim? What is the point of being hypocrite even when everyone knows thatQura’n forbids this attitude? On an average, a woman in raped every two hours and gang raped every eight hours in Pakistan. This is the state of Muslim men who are supposed to be our care-takers.

We are, sadly, a nation that is afflicted with hypocrisy right down to the bone. We fight for our ideals, culture, and religion, yet we understand none of these things. I wonder what type of nation we are. We appreciate hypocrisy least and do it the most. We have failed to understand the true message of Islam. We forget how any murder is the equivalent of killing the entire humanity. We forget that until proven guilty, everyone is innocent and believe them to be bad just by hearing from some people.Even in the case of removing ones hand in the event of a robbery, Islamic Law states that the circumstances surrounding the reason for robbery should be investigated. This is how humane and passionate Islam is.

But our lives don’t seem to be influenced even a little by our religion. Our television show, dramas and advertisements can never be said to be the products of Islamic country or a Muslim nation. The problem with us is that we all have a different frame of reference for the sins. We have set a criterion for ourselves. Backbiting is okay if we just gossip and at that time we forget that itis worse than eating your dead brother’s flesh. We are choosy in the way we grip Islam. We are hypocritical about our attitudes on religion. We do what is easy. And these stances of ours need to be changed in order to bring a positive change in the society.


By :  Aimon Malghani



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