Emergence of Pakistan on the map of the world on August 14, 1947 was very remarkable in the sense that apparently there was no war over obtaining this piece of land. Before the British took control of the subcontinent, people here were living in complete harmony and peace with each other despite their religious and sectorial differences. Combined, they formed the culture of the subcontinent which, till today, is the mixture of many religious ideas. They shared happiness as well as sorrows with each other and stayed united so long.

British invasion, on one hand, over-ruled Mughal Emperors and on the other hand, intentionally created misunderstandings among the two big nations; Muslims and Hindus. These misunderstandings could have been resolved via discussions and table talks but the British never provided the opportunity and in case Muslim and Hindu leaders get the opportunity by chance, extremists never let the discussions end with meaningful results. Such attitude caused an increase in the gap between Hindus and Muslims, and later caused the two nations to quarrel even in the streets by common men. British were the master minds of all the game and the spectators too. Such behavioral changes in people made the nations more vulnerable to follow the British rulers. They exploited our lands until they wanted and when the nations strive for separate lands on the basis of strongest Muslim ideology and the two-nation’ theory, they decided to leave them on their own and stay fighting. This British policy was so powerful and long term that it still exists today.

British caused the shedding of blood of thousands of innocent people in the name of freedom, they gave us the Kashmir dispute, they made us fight for water, they grew and nourished the tiny plant of hatred for each other in our minds and simply they are responsible for the division of the subcontinent to three separate lands and some disputed territories. Where we stand today? Have anyone ever pondered what were the situations if we have stayed united as a single sub-continent? We waste major of our capital for defense purpose in order to show off one another. The two rival nations living side by side could have been living better lives if they were united.  In that case we would have enjoyed a better living without fearing wars at least from the neighborhood.

Where is two-nation’ theory now? Hold on! If you say you needed a homeland for Muslims, why more than fifty percent Muslims chose to live in Indian side of the border? If at that time, we had lowered our eruptive emotions and used our brains, we would be having a better standard of living. When Islam teaches tolerance, and you say you can’t tolerate non-Muslims and on this base you devise a theory, is this theory of yours justified?

Criticism is WELCOMED!


By: Aimon Malghani


  1. The making of Pakistan is infact the biggest migration in the history of mankind where reportedly around 15 Million people were martyred; it was not apparently without war….

    People never demanded a place to live but a laboratory to practice their faith as per the jurisdiction of their religion. As far as the question about the remaining 50% that were left there in India, most of them were afflicted with the clerks, and Mullah’s so they were not in a mood to leave their homes.

    As far as decline in economy with the Britishers are concerned, its very true and the whole wealth of Subcontinent was looted by the Britishers during their empire but it doesnot make sense that we blame two nation theory at the moment as we have failed in adopting the guidelines and practicing Islam in our lives

    Just criticizing the two nation theory at the moment is infact playing with the sacred martyrs of Independence movement, dedication and commitment of Jinnah and philosophy of Iqbal

    Pakistan was there even in 712 AD when they refused to bow before the emperors