We were at the counter of a shopping mall when I heard the voice saying “Come forward, you guys first.” It was a moment of ciaos where people were busy with themselves and here it was a gentleman caring for others. Then I gave a deeper look into the situation and came to know that there were 3 more trolleys in front of us. The trolley right next to us was busy counting their stuff in the line when this man requested them to move on. This man was polite, this man was kind and most importantly this man cared.

When was the last time you guys have had a similar experience. Where someone cared more than others and that simple act of kindness made all the difference. In business we see huge deals falling apart just because the person was not caring enough. People might not remember the speech you gave but people surely remember how you made them feel. It’s not about your wallet’s share; it’s about sharing your heart with the customer.

Making a good product, marketing it well and selling it is so obsolete now. If you are not stealing your customer’s heart with your service then you are not delivering your full potential.

I am surely not a regular buyer from that particular store but yes, after experiencing wowness in service I will surely become one. This is how you should deliver. Doing something just for the sake of money it one thing but doing it with care and love is totally different. Just do it with your full heart in it and you’ll see what I mean.

By: Yousuf Rafi