by Sadaf Hassan

Be Thankful

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She found herself in a very compromising position ,she had  not been in such a position since quite some time. She was single.

Her life was moving in a beautiful way,she  had two internshipsthat pertained to her career and both werepaid. Herprofessional life was on a high  point and her ambitions wouldn’t have it any other way.

She worked six days a week, and in her spare time she hung outwith her amazing friends who were always there through herthick and thin. A lot of people   thought she was very lucky. Shealso felt herself so fortunate , still there was something missingin her life.

Whenever she was at a  dinner,she had a look at her cell phonewhere there was a little reminder, few funny messages fromher friend.

Amost everybody has  someone special, who cares for them,never leaves them alone.

She was walking through a road and saw a couple taking teatogether, having a chat.

She entered the library and saw a couple, his wife wasexpecting and he was  slowly letting her down the stairs ,theyhad a book with them , a baby record book.

Suddenly a wave overtook  her which slowly entered her bodythrough her toes, working its way up to the pit of her stomach,coursing its way through the veins in her arms to her neck, untilit reached her eyes, ready to pour out in a stream of warm saltywater. She shouted and cried a lot.

She felt so lonely and unfortunate because she did not haveanybody  special to care for her ,greet her ,make her happywhen she is sad. She forgot all the wonderful happenings.Forgot that she had a boat load of  friends who were alwaysthere for her.

In such a low mood she went out for coffee where she saw avery pretty baby girl she said to the mother “you havea beautiful daughter.”

Woman replied “a beautiful thing is never perfect,my daughteris blind “.

That phrase made her day, she thought over and over againabout that phrase and brought herself back from that situationand looked at the big picture.

Just because one thing was missing from her life didn’t mean itshould cancel out all the wonderful things that were happening.Someday she would probably lose the job, but have thatsomeone special, or have both at the same time or havenothing at all.

Life is about give and take and when the time  is right it willdefinitety have what was missing.

And then she decided that this should be no more. Sheneeded to be genuinely grateful for all that she had, perfectionis something we see portrayed on media and other outlets.

We must learn to thank ALLAH in every situation.

“May be one day everyone will realize that it’s not about being perfect, it’s about being happy.”



By: Sadaf Hassan

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