Self-adopted foolishness and ignorance of general public of any state became the chief source of success of corrupts, who eventually became rulers and kinged various segments of society e.g. government, economy, politics, religion, and etc. These corrupt rulers, politicians, bureaucrates and etc always knew that the general public, which willing went into blank, will never question corrupts and anti-socials for their foul deeds and will keep on supporting corrupt politicians and etc. In addition, these anti-social rulers, politicians, and etc adequately knew that there was no shortage of such individuals, who for penny-worth personal interests, always got ready to sale out the state and its precious interests including state’s prosperity, security, reputation, and etc. Thus, the corrupts appeased the penny-worth personal interests of for sale individuals and then succeeded in kinging the state according to their own desires and needs where they also succeeded to obtain whatever they wanted, wherever they wanted, whensoever they wanted, with whom they wanted, and through what they wanted.

If Pakistani society is carefully studied then it will be revealed that, majority of Pakistanis happened to be loyal only to their political parties, instead of being loyal to Pakistan. In this discipline, it is well-known fact that, a pro-sect individual can never be righteous, impartial, patriot, positive, and pro-society, similarly an individual patriot only to his political party can never be patriot, and pro-society in anyway. Party patriotism replaced country’s patriotism and it was carried out consciously—even everybody knew what they were going to do but none was troubled while doing it. Thus, Pakistan became merely a private limited company for few political families that looted and annihilated it as per their needs and desires and no auditor was hired so to have audit.

General election of Pakistan held on 11 May, 2013 installed and promoted a Dracula Democracy that sucked every drop of blood of private limited company called Pakistan (pvt), whose major share holders were PML-N, PPPP, and MQM. Party manifesto and promises made in election campaign were forgotten and were called, “Human errors made in excitement by thrilled orators”. These Draculas were supported and advocated by Pakistanis that happened to be awakened-sleeping. Physically slept got awakened easily, but mentally slept was hard to be awakened—a sleeping person was easy to be awakened, but a person that was awakened and yet he was sleeping, scarcely woke up. Later, this sleep was called, the right to vote and the right-holders never had any education how to use right and why to use right?

Many argued that they adequately knew that, in the absence of good people they had no choice but to support bad people. But the question aroused that, instead of channelizing one’s energies to locate good people, why one would waste his energies in supporting bad people? Furthermore, it is human property that if he could not find good, then he became goodness from evilness since life was always supported by goodness but not by evil—this factor was sufficiently known by human being that always wanted to live long and thus he turned from foul to righteous so to live. Thus, good people were never absent since either they were not searched for or they were not produced willingly, therefore, it was one’s heinous criminal act when he supported bad while he could either find or produce good. As electricity went through its conductor, similarly goodness spreaded through its conductor called human being—as one tiny match stick torn brutal darkness, similarly one good man demolished the Berlin Walls of evil, ignorance, and anti-socialism. Thus, doing goodness always spreaded like an epidemic disease where 1 and 1 good men became 11 against 1 and 1 two evils.

Nations that always supported causes, its politicians clearly knew that they were bounded to deliver in accordance to causes and issues otherwise they were extinguished i.e. the US government started to shut down after President Barack Obama refused to bow to Republican demands to put aside Obama-care healthcare law [1], whereas in Pakistan majority of Pakistanis voted not for causes and issues but for political families and personalities. The dirty secret was known by Pakistani politicians, elites, rulers, and etc and they did whatever they wanted to do with private limited company Pakistan, which did not have any auditor. Thus, Pakistan was looted and annihilated because of several criminal acts of Pakistanis i.e.


  1. Good men were not searched and bad men were dandled.
  2. People willing stopped turning into goodness.
  3. People ignored their duties to be auditors.
  4. Causes and issues were replaced by personal likings and dislikings.
  5. Rulers and politicians were not impeached for calling their promises, “Human error made in exhilaration by thrilled orators”.
  6. Good things were not listened just because of political affiliation.
  7. State’s interests were replaced with personal interests and their safeguard.

These 7 factors made anti-socials, the kings—the cannibal kings that carried DNA of Lillith, the demon. Thus, due to the deliberately adopted ignorance and mental paralyticism (where one willingly ceased to discern right and wrong) of Pakistanis, the Albert Fish (in plural form) gleed for ruling over Pakistan while being fully equipped with “implements of Hell” i.e. butcher knife, bone saw, and meat cleaver [2].

In addition, many under strong influence of mental paralysis argued that, an experienced candidate (in spite of his well known heinous idiosyncrasies i.e. corruption, hypocrisy, and habitual criminality) deserved to be voted. Questions aroused that, how a corrupt, hypocrite, and habitual criminal ever established a welfare state—how experience could ever replace competency, situational accurate assessment, and skills? On 24 Nov, 2001 Crossair Flight LX 3597 flew from Berlin-Germany to Zurich-Switzerland and crashed into a wooded range of hills near Bassersdorf while killing 24 people out of 33. In spite of captain’s well documented incompetency, captain Lutz, who in past was proven as an incompetent, unskilled, and sub-standard pilot, was allowed to continue as captain for Crossair. According to final investigational report, it was captain Lutz whose innate incompetency, lack of situational assessment, and error became the reason of crash. Captain Lutz had 19,000 hours flight experience [3], that flew for years but his experience never replaced his incompetency. Many other examples could be found where incompetency of pilots resulted into cataclysmic aftermaths. Verily in conclusion, it could be concluded that sub-standard commodities never fetched good omen—corrupts, hypocrites, and incompetents never produced any betterment no matter if they had centuries as experience—corrupt and incompetent politicians were alike sub-standard incompetent pilots.

2: Hamilton Howard “Albert” Fish (1870-1936) an American serial killer known as the Gray Man, Werewolf,  Brooklyn Vampire and Boogey Man.